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    Badass Inter goal celebrations

    From Oba Oba's to whoever made you go :fap:
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    Whoever has add/follow, let's FIF unite my profile
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    Happy birthday Ronin

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    Extremists murder 13 teenagers for watching football on TV
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    Ezequiel Schelotto

    Welcome :oblivious: team S.L.A.P (Sounds like a Plan.)
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    Interview with Raul Duke

    1. What is your name?* 2. Birthday ? 3. What do you currently do (job/profession etc) ? 4. What are your hobbies/interests 5. Whereabouts do you currently reside? * 6. When did you start supporting Inter and why? 7. What is your favourite memory of Inter and who is/was your favourite...
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    Inter - Pescara (12 Jan 13)

    VS inb4coaster :troll:
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    Palla Mafiosa

    ... when the ball does not mean to get in Classical analysis of those phases with rapid flame,joking or bitter disappointment.. share dis shit.
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    Happy Birthday CafeCordoba!

    Best wishes to one of the most valuable FIF members and quality posters. Have a good one Interista bro.
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    Happy birthday ADRossi!

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    Inter - Partizan (25 Oct 12)

    VS Internazionale - Partizan Belgrade Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - Milan 25/10/2012 - 19:00CET (19:00 local time) Group stage - Group H
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    Happy birthday browha

    Happy birthday article guru,primavera expert,crazy analyst. Best wishes have a great one bro(w).
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    Happy birthday Pharaoh

    Happy birthday dude have a great one!Best wishes!
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    Walter Gargano

    The beast is here bitches.. :slick: straight 8055 midfielder.
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    Atelier dyn-artistic avatars and sigs

    Atelier dynarty I had the idea of makin this one cause there is so much win in the FIF avatars Who doesn't remember Dev's blondie with cowboy Forlan,ADRossi's Karimi,King Avdic's and luv current ones like Snake's and Willy's 30cm sul campo.. plus Cal's oldie with that shit face player i don't...
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    Happy Birthday bzzdk

    Happy Birthday pal Caffeine bzzdk aka buzz :oblivious:
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    Greco interista.

    Hey everyone,thought makin' a late introduction of myself after postin a bunch of stuff:P My name is Jim i'm 28y old from Greece i love football my interest in it came very early.I've been Inter since '90-'91 and i'm very happy i lived great moments of the club with fantastic players.