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  1. Fitzy

    Fitzy's Drunken Southern Stroll

    Who of you idiots live down in the south of the US? I'll be travelling to Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, among other bars. Flying out next week. Meet and greets cost one beer. Nearly sold out.
  2. Fitzy

    Revive this section

    Especially during the international break. Of course, it seems like Ed has fucked it up for everyone once again by not choosing the next victim. :)
  3. Fitzy

    How do I get rid of this?

    Seventy fucking five unread fuckin threads on my phone... Vasilios please apply the vaso... I'm goin in raw.
  4. Fitzy

    Can't edit posts

    Bahaha I'm a dumb ass disregard this thread... or don't I don't care.
  5. Fitzy

    The bullshit thread

    Thought I'd create this thread because I saw the "Post New Thread" button and saw nothing else like it in the first few topics... just post anything here... drunken ramblings, random opinions, cures for the common cold, etc... If someone closes this thread, they can get fucked tbh. If moved...
  6. Fitzy

    Interview with dynasty27

    Awww here we go! 1. What is your name? 2. When is your birthday? 3. What is your occupation? 4. What hobbies or interests do you have outside of using recreational drugs? 5. Where were you born? 6. Where do you live? 7. When did you start supporting Inter and why? 8. What is your...
  7. Fitzy

    Hello from Australia

    Hello everyone, new member here. I'm Fitzy, 22 years old from Newcastle (Australia) and a Uni student. I found this forum when looking for news on transfers etc, and liked the look of it (lots of members and posts here) so I joined.