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  1. alvaro

    Udinese - Inter (1 May 22) [1-2]

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    Manuel Fernandes

    Well this shit came out of nothing, gazzetta says its done.
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    Monaco - Inter (Pirelli Cup) (30 Jul 09)

    Game on Thursday 21CET. Uncle Samuel's debut. wohoo
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    Aliaksandr Hleb

    Well mastermind Moratti confirmed we are looking to sign him, hence the specific thread. Still baffles me where he would play, theres always room on the bench though.
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    Mourinho would like to reunite with this clown. Also Moratti has admitted we are following him.
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    Inter - Lazio (2 May 09)

    On paper the toughest team we still have to face in the league. Zarate has been bagging some nice goals lately but Lazio overall are highly unpredictable. Balotelli's suspension is a loss, Stankovic's suspension on the other hand.. well.. not a loss. Julio Cruseless is set to start, actually...
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    Inter - Siena (11 May 08)

    I want win, full house and Mancini informing that he will leave after this season. Too much asked? Prolly so. Siena are safe and can play without any pressure. They aren't missing any key players as far as I know. Balotelli-Cruz Jimenez Cambiasso-Zanetti-Vieira Maxwell-Chivu-Burdisso-Maicon...
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    Inter - Genoa (31 Oct 07)

    Will be a tricky game, Vieira, Materazzi, Stankovic, Toldo (?) and J.Cesar (?) out injured. In addition we have no fans at the Curva. Ibra should be rested ahead of the Juve game, not only because he's one yellow short from suspension. Whether Mancini will do that is yet to be seen. Cambiasso...
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    Reggina - Inter (20 Oct 07)

    First game after the break, Maicon and Vieira are back. Adriano/Suazo won't feature against CSKA so one of them could start alongside Zlutan. ------Ibrahimovic-Adriano-------- --------------Figo--------------- --Stankovic-Cambiasso-Zanetti--- --Maxwell-Chivu-Samuel-Maicon--...
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    Inter - Sampdoria (26 Sep 07)

    20:30 CET. Win is a MUST ahead of the Roma clash. Maicon suspended, Materazzi, Chivu and Vieira injured. Rivas won't play either. Me: --------Ibrahimovic-Crespo------ -------------Jimenez------------- ----Cambiasso-Pelé-Stankovic--- --Cesar-Samuel-Cordoba-Zanetti--...
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    Livorno - Inter (23 Sep 07)

    Important to get a victory after that disgusting CL performance. Stankovic needs to rise the level of his game, the Roma game is coming soon. ---------Crespo-Ibrahimovic-------- -------------Jimenez---------------- ----Zanetti-Camibasso-Stankovic---- --Maxwell-Samuel-Cordoba-Maicon--...
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    Vitor Hugo Gomes Passos Pelè

    Straight into the first team, interesting signing.
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    Empoli - Inter (1 Sep 07)

    Our next league match. Vieira and Materazzi out injured, J.Cesar banned. Cambiasso & Burdisso should be both back.
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    Birra Moretti Trophy (8 Aug 07)

    NAPOLI - After the week-long tour England, it's back to Italy for the Nerazzurri whose pre-season continues on Wednesday 8 August with the 11th Birra Moretti Trophy - a 'triangular' with Napoli and Juventus. The mini-tournament of three 45-minute matches at Naples' Stadio San Paolo will be...
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    Empoli - Inter (10 Dec 06)

    Difficult game after the trip to Germany. Vieira and Maicon won't play because they are disqualified. Crespo-Ibra Solari-Stankovic-Cambiasso-Figo [:(] Grosso-Materazzi-Burdisso-Zanetti Cesar I'd want to see Maxwell instead of Grosso and Cordoba instead of Matrix if he is capable of playing.
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    Parma - Inter (12 Nov 06)

    Zlatan-Crespo Solari-Vieira-Dacourt-Gonzalez Grosso-Cordoba-Matrix-Zanetti Cesar
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    Inter - Livorno (25 Oct 06)

    Recoba-Crespo Solari-Dacourt-Vieira-Stankovic Grosso-Materazzi-Samuel-Zanetti Cesar
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    Inter - Catania (15 Oct 06)

    First game after the break.
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    "Thank you letter" - email

    What is this? Something to do with remembering Giacinto?
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    Roma - Inter (20 Sep 06)

    This will be played next Wednesday. We need to bounce back from the Sporting and Samp games, and theres no way better than doing it against your main title rivals, ROMA! It's also about time to give the right back position to whom it belongs, Zanetti. I'd like to see Deki on centre but Mancini...