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  1. darsez

    Inter - Genoa (28 Feb 21) [3-0]

    We are already resting him (and everyone else) in the CL match this week
  2. darsez

    Inter - Milan (9 Feb 20) [4-2]

    Brozovic captain
  3. darsez

    Inter - Udinese (14 Sep 19) [1-0]

    Great reaction :slick:
  4. darsez

    Inter - Udinese (14 Sep 19) [1-0]

    is there a FIFA rating on first touch? Lukaku would be rated 20.
  5. darsez

    Cagliari - Inter (1 Sep 19) [1-2]

    We already have 5 different scorers. Out of 15 players who have played. Amazing
  6. darsez

    Pre-Season 2019/2020

    Dalbert should retire from professional football
  7. darsez

    Inter - Empoli (26 May 19) [2-1]

    Dalbert is worse than Gresko. No skill. No speed. No confidence
  8. darsez

    Inter - Chievo (13 May 19) [2-0]

  9. darsez

    Inter - Roma (20 Apr 19) [1-1]

    Back in October, I think we had a similar chance of getting into the knockout stage of CL after winning the first two group games...
  10. darsez

    Genoa - Inter (3 Apr 19) [0-4]

    Considering all the shit we went through, we are only 7 points behind Napoli now. When we beat them last time, we were 5 points behind them.
  11. darsez

    Milan - Inter (17 Mar 19) [2-3]

    Thanks Inter for a nice birthday present. Great win. Only tuned in at 1-2. Bbilan looked dangerous but we did so well.
  12. darsez

    Fiorentina - Inter (24 Feb 19) [3-3]

    A 38DD chest could have avoided the bullshit penalty. The first time I want bigger chests on a man
  13. darsez

    Mauro Icardi

    As much as I like Icardi and really want him to overcome this, no one is bigger than the club. Football is a team sport.
  14. darsez

    Inter - Sassuolo (19 Jan 19) [0-0]

    Smart campaign. So next time when BUU is heard in the stadium, we won’t be punished anymore. Just claim that it is for our anti-racism campaign :oblivious:
  15. darsez

    The Suning Commerce Group

    interestingly, I didn't see anything from the local Hong Kong media. I only learned about LionRock Fund from this forum and from googling. What I can say is the name "Lion Rock" is a symbol of Hong Kong (it refers to a mountain in Hong Kong and the shape looks like a lion sitting on the top)...
  16. darsez

    The Suning Commerce Group

    #wearesorich :yao:
  17. darsez

    Inter - Napoli (26 Dec 18) [1-0]

    Sorry for a noob question. Why did it happen to Napoli players mostly? There are so many black players in other teams. Why didn’t it happen in Inter vs Juventus? Is it because of Northern cities versus Southern?
  18. darsez

    Radja Nainggolan

    This guy does not seem to care about career achievements, which I think is the biggest motivation for many top players. If he cared and acted properly, he probably would not have missed World Cup 2018, the year when his country earned the best ever result. For a guy who doesn't care, this...
  19. darsez

    Inter - PSV (11 Dec 18) [1-1]

    Are we the first team to not qualify after winning the first two matches?
  20. darsez

    Inter - Genoa (3 Nov 18) [5-0]

    No rest for Perisic and Brozovic again. Hope we score enough early and can sub them