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  1. darsez

    Visiting Ljubljana (and probably Milan too)

    I am going to Ljubljana, Slovenia on August 22-25, and then I might go to Milan for 1 or 2 days. I know the Slovene Railways can take me from Ljubljana to Venice (or Trieste), but how do I go from Venice or Trieste to Milan? How long does it take approximately? Or is there a way to go from...
  2. darsez Man of the Match - 05/06 Matches

    Let me start this again, since primo is gone. Again, all ratings are obtained from, and the player with the highest rating will become Man of the Match. Inter Man of the Match - 05/06 Matches Shakhtar Donetsk 0-2 Inter: Adriano (8.6) Juventus 0-1 Inter: Veron (8.7) Inter 1-1...