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  1. Javier'sSon

    Sexual Adventures

    Firstly, you and me already know that Pimpin will most likely be the most active poster on this thread. And secondly, I'm kind of hoping that it will be the first place where I actually see MVD posting something for fuck's sake. Seeing as how the bullshit thread have been filled with...
  2. Javier'sSon

    Players you hoped/thought would become good managers?

    Had the idea while reading ADRossi's best manager thread, boy I hope none of you cunts have already posted this before. I don't mean a player who turned out to be a bad coach but someone who surprisingly didn't go for that career path. Ballack is a name I thought would be great in the...
  3. Javier'sSon

    Happy birthday to ADRossi!

    And Earth and Thrasher. May you receive some awesome stuff due to Black Friday.
  4. Javier'sSon

    Happy Birthday Pimp

    You crazy fuck.
  5. Javier'sSon

    A Guide To Inter's Mess

    It was 3:45 in the morning in Nanjing when Inter kicked off their Serie A campaign on Sunday. The club’s new owner Jindong Zhang had promised to stay awake for it. “I will watch the game on television as will all the Suning staff as one big family,” he wrote in a message wishing the team good...
  6. Javier'sSon

    Happy birthday to 3 peoples!

    KevinB, who just turned 25. Jrg, turning 26 and Pajo, fuck you mate for not turning 27, instead he's 28 now. Happy birthday lads.
  7. Javier'sSon

    Looking back, unwillingly. 15/16

    So we've had some time to cool off and perhaps be more objective when analysing and judging how we did this past season, I'm sure plenty of us are still extremely disappointed. How would you rate the season, from 1 to 10? And why, if you're having a pleasant day and would like to write...
  8. Javier'sSon

    Having the best possible chance of scoring!

    When Bastian Schweinsteiger tried two shots from distance in the Champions League game against Arsenal in March 2014 (1-1), Pep Guardiola shook his head in disdain from the dugout. The German midfielder later hinted that attempts from distance were effectively banned under the Spanish coach...
  9. Javier'sSon

    Happy birthday to Batman & Shark!

    May the both of you be more enthusiastic than the moustache with a face on it.
  10. Javier'sSon

    Your Major?

    This has probably been done before and I'm not gonna bother looking. Fuck it. Mine is Marketing, only god knows why. Studied Law in England for a couple of years and thought screw it, lawyers earn too much money and are too smart.
  11. Javier'sSon

    Happy Birthday Zoro

    Happy 22nd mate, cunt of a fanboy. Oh and also Happy Birthday to VLE, getting closer to 40 = 4-0 = :oblivious: There should something interpreted in these threads to make them more interesting, let the birthday bitches upload pics of a party or tell us what they did (if anything?)
  12. Javier'sSon

    He scores goals for fun, he can't be bad right?!

    Watching the Spurs game vs West Ham and I can't help but wonder how in hell is Kane scoring goals? And many of them?! There are certain players (almost exclusively strikers) who judging from stats, their contribution to the team, even bloody managers who know a thing or two about football and...
  13. Javier'sSon

    Inter - PSG (30 Dec 15)

    Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan announced that they would be playing a friendly on 30 December at 7.30 pm local time at the Al Sadd Stadium in Doha. If only they scheduled it during this international break..
  14. Javier'sSon

    Hello from the OTHER SIDE!

    Hello Narazzurries from all over the world, to get it out of the way the title comes from the song Hello by Adele which is as teens would say these days FIRE so go check it out! I'm not really a fan of these types of threads, I've always thought that you make members of a forum recognize you by...