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  1. To1do

    PES or FIFA series?

    pes is released :) Gonna w8 for ps2 ver to hit torrents
  2. To1do

    Football Manager 2009

    Hmmm i think demo wont be released untill end of october...
  3. To1do

    PES or FIFA series?

    yep game isn't bad... In fact game is good! Gameplay seems fine and Gk's are good Whell lets w8 for full game to hit the stores... or torrent sites :)
  4. To1do

    PES or FIFA series?

    i downloaded i will install now and will report later :) hope gameplay is familiar with pes 6
  5. To1do

    Football Manager 2009

    Demo will be released on 3rd october
  6. To1do

    PES or FIFA series?

    Dude can u post link ?? i want to download... is there maybe cracked pes of fm ??
  7. To1do

    Football Manager 2009

    I opened this thread so we can discuss about new game and new features... One of the biggest improvments is ofcourse 3d match engine!!! Here is a link you can see 3d match and some pictures :)
  8. To1do

    Milan - Inter (28 Sep 08)

    poor game but what the hell one lose doesent mean anything...
  9. To1do

    Anime, Manga, and other Comics

    Naruto is cool XD Dattebayo
  10. To1do

    PES or FIFA series?

    PES for life !! i play pes since first series !
  11. To1do


    how the hell can lampard become solari #2 lol dude lampard is world class player and solari is player for teams like napoli i dont know why we buyed solari few years ago anyway he never plays
  12. To1do

    The Italian player debate

    Whell we have Balotelli :)
  13. To1do


    hehe but i am worryd that mourinho maybe will sell ibra There is article on that mourinho asked moratti to sell ibra...
  14. To1do

    Samuel Eto'o

    Whell i just hope we wont sell ibra to get eto cuz i readed that mourinho want to sell ibra... or swap deal i love ibra's style of play more than eto's We do have team of champions but only for serie A Honestly our team sucks at CL... or maybe mancini sucked dunno but we didnt do anything good...
  15. To1do

    Happy Birthday BrAD

    Happy Bday dude!
  16. To1do

    Happy Birthday Pajo

    Srecan rodjendan Pajo Da nam zivis 100 godina :D :D :D
  17. To1do


    Welcome dude
  18. To1do

    Adriano "l'Imperatore" Leite Ribeiro

    Ehm... Why is he former player he is just on loan at sao paolo right? and he was doing good at sao hope we dont sell him lets give him a try at few games and if he suck again definitly sell him than
  19. To1do

    Samuel Eto'o

    see guys mourinho rulles everyone now wants to play for us XD
  20. To1do


    mourinho rulles dude he knows what he is doing ! matrix is old and we really dont need him... but burdisso i dont think he will leave dude