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  1. Pulsar36

    Should a football manager be allowed to have administrative duties?

    Which way is better? The English model where the manager is involved with everything- or the continental model where the coach identifiers targets but after that is it up to the general managers to decide and run all those transfer operations?
  2. Pulsar36

    Want to be rich?

    Buy the following stocks Monday morning and your dream will come true in a few months to year's time: YHOO- Down 15+% in last few months- Was approached for a buyout in the past, and will happen again b/c of the cheap valuation GOOG- Hit overreactively by the missed earnings estimates- WIll...
  3. Pulsar36

    Poor little Udinese are upset at big bad Inter!

    How come Inter is always the target of the smaller clubs fury? Not Milan or Juve? First Palermo, now Udinese...I don't get it. Sampdoria. Why is the smaller club continously complaining about Inter's advantages and not about Milan or Juve's? It seems we are always the target!
  4. Pulsar36

    NFL (American Football)

    Okay in this thread a master of American football aka NFL (National Football League) will try to explain to you Aussies, East Asians, Euros, South Americans, whatever you are, all about a great sport. First Rule: NO bashing, only ASKING! :D :D :D I'll answer any questions, plus give you a...
  5. Pulsar36

    Official: Edgar Davids to Tottenham

    As reported on their official site.
  6. Pulsar36

    Giuseppe Meazza

    Let's roll! What do you know about this legend of the 30s, fascist at times?
  7. Pulsar36

    Pele rejected Inter Milan record bid before his rise

    What are the implications? Could this have meant more titles in the 60s era when our defense was so good?