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  1. AntonTheGreat

    The Sex Thread (the do's and donts to getting laid)

    A thread all about sex! The do's and don'ts to get laid! Get denied? Tell us why!? and i'll tell you exactly how to fix it! ;) or someone else will Get it in with little work/effort!? again tell us how! This thread will help girls and guys get laid!! THE TIPS AND TRICKS FOR SEX ADDICTS...
  2. AntonTheGreat

    Scavenger Hunt

    ok, this is an awesome thread i ran into. Sorry mods for posting two threads in one day but this one is sweet. Basically I'll start it by posting a picture of ANYTHING. Under the picture, you can write what the next picture should be. Such as... Ill start... UGLIEST Player in serie A...
  3. AntonTheGreat

    Alphabet game

    Ok this thread came from the Philadelphia Flyers message board. Basically you pick a topic, and you have to start the sentence or word with the next letter of the alphabet. (person who does the letter with Z starts a new topic in which it restarts to A) Say the topic is Beer... Amstel light...
  4. AntonTheGreat

    Inter - Cagliari (27 Apr 08)

    This game will probably be the most important game, a win here cuts romas chances largely (if a word). Well any way, if the real inter shows up, and viera playing, we should win this by 2 goals and dominate. Watch out for foggia and aquafresca!!!
  5. AntonTheGreat

    Torino - Inter (20 Apr 08)

    Inter vs. Torino We played good games against fiorentina and Atalanta which both should be more difficult then torino. Torino's games recently have been far from convincing and with a solid game from our lads we should take this one by at least a 2 goal margin. Reports say ibra will not play...
  6. AntonTheGreat

    Inter - Lazio (Coppa Italia) (16 Apr 08)

    Ok, this game came under the radar, I almost completely forgot. It seems like we will not be having balotelli or pele for this game, which is depressing since the young players need game time. Inter will probably not be very motivated, while lazio probably want it a little more. We will see...
  7. AntonTheGreat

    Hi everyone, I'm antonio

    Hi everyone i'm antonio. I am a fullblooded italian living in PA. I have loved this site, but for some reason i hesitated to becoming a member, well here i am now, postin a thread about myself. Well anyway, my family lives and breaths inter, it's in my roots. FOrza Inter, and italia;) Yea...