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  1. Lamb of God

    everybody can you rate my poem that i wrote myself please

    SWEET SUNSHINE AND FRIEND Frienship is like a flower depending on the sun The flower blooms beautifully when it feels the sweet bright touch of the sun Friendship is like the flower when it needs the sun to bloom and show its very beauty and vitality The power of friendship is untouchable...
  2. Lamb of God

    Happy Birthday, Chingashow!

    hey there chingizz have a great day and enjoy your birthday
  3. Lamb of God

    Anatomy of a great team

    what makes a great team that we lack.we seem to try very hard season after season and yet all in vain.
  4. Lamb of God

    Petition To Unban Durai

    Everybody Please Sign This Petition To Unban Durai He Is Being Made A Scapegoat For The Freedom Of Speech So I Really Hope There Wont Be Chains Tied To My Fellow Friend Durai And Accusing Him Of Spamming Plus Banning For 1 Month I Think Its More Of A Political Motive Please Help Me Save Our...
  5. Lamb of God

    Jack The Ripper

    exactly who was jack the ripper.i heard stories from my friends and teacher that he was a rich good looking guy who got STD and took revenge by killing prostitutes.the movie i thought was pretty good with johhny depp.
  6. Lamb of God

    Tupac Shakur

    he was an artist and great poet who inspired people to speak out and fight for civil rights.what do you think of him.
  7. Lamb of God

    What is happening to our players?

    hey everybody i would like everyone to comment on what is happening to our matter how good a player is whether world class or top class they seem to not perform like milan and barca.look at adriano and martins they were promising and then look at our defence we seem to get worse day...
  8. Lamb of God

    Patrick Vieira

    its time for vieira to have his own tread no rumours anymore he is ours :D