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  1. snake

    Inter - Udinese (14 Sep 19) [1-0]

    Here is a challenge for someone...find the last game thread I opened. You'll get a thank.
  2. snake

    european snake

    Bitches, Ill be doing a month in Europe. My flights are booked. I will be landing in London beginning of June and leaving the beginning of July. I wont be doing Eastern Europe. No time sadly. But happy to catch up with any of you fuckers for a drink or watching some world cup at a bar. I won't...
  3. snake

    FIF Presents Dramatic Last Day Of Winter Mercato 2013

    Hey Bitches :D Just getting the thread ready. I'm trying to get some work done, but fuck...the forum is too addictive. Everyone is pretty much at boiling point and it's just too much fun. So Paulinho transfer will probably go down to the wire. We'll probably end up with nothing, but at least...
  4. snake


    See title. Currently own an old Tag Heuer hand me down, but very classic. A Raymond Weil tango series that I received for my engagement, a Zeno casual watch and my favourite, a Breitling Superocean Heritage 46 (silver bracelet). Yeah all Swiss materialistic crap. Oh well. Anybody else?
  5. snake

    Happy Birthday Raul Dukian!

    Sydney Road, lock up your wives and daughters, Duke going to be out on the town tonight! ---------- Post added at 13:58 ---------- Previous post was at 13:50 ---------- Ps. you turn 26 1 month and 3 days before I do.
  6. snake

    You are Inter

    Thank you, fans. You are Inter More than any player, more than any game, more than any result. More than anything else, there is your support. And you have shown once again this year what being Interisti is all about. You are Inter. You fans, with your passion and your support, you make us feel...
  7. snake

    Interview with N4L

    You have no choice but to accept. :datass:
  8. snake

    Hang with the best

    Whom would you rather hang with? Poll above. Clearly, the Aussies would provide the most awesome (me), thankful (fitzy), twisted (raul), experienced (i4e) sodomizing (uni) time ever! Poll added. cbf for alphabetical order...enjoy.
  9. snake

    I must confess something...

    Dynasty27 and I..... Are one and the same person. I got the idea a while ago and spoke to Han about it to get his permission. I think it's time it comes to an end.. Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk
  10. snake

    Appearances of Inter players on loan

    I will endeavour to update this thread at least once a week. The idea is to keep a list of players who are out on loan/co-own and mark their appearances. Please submit a list of players you would like me to keep track of, so far I will be looking at these players. Name Team Appearances...
  11. snake

    Fulvio Pea

    Ex-Inter Primavera coach, currently with Sassuolo of Serie B who are currently 2nd, only conceding 17 in 25 games :undecide: Nice article about him. He has brought success in many places he has gone to. Also like Mourinho, never played professional football. Serie B Focus : Fulvio Pea...
  12. snake

    Funniest thing you will ever see.

  13. snake

    New baby

    Introducing.. Kim K, the best ass in the business.
  14. snake

    Microsoft Office key

    A key for office 2010. I believe it is the standard (home?) version. Would be very grateful.
  15. snake

    Ramadan Karim 2011

    Who is doing it this year? Ftour in Oz this year is at 5:40pm.
  16. snake

    Forza Inter Forums fucking shit up in Turkey, Anon & Black special (Part 7)

    continued... We open the door to find Anon chilling in bed with Irish...shit got real. Huz: DAMN SON! Lion: That's my line, son! King: Well, fuck me. Wait...not like that tho. Black: BWAHAHAHAHHA! Ana: Babe. :cry: Universe: Why wasn't I invited? Lion: What the hell are ya'll doing? *Irish and...
  17. snake

    Happy Birthday Hamed

    Happy birthday... I know I've teased you for eons. :lol: but still... PS. can everyone please boycott Nyalls thread. That is auwl.
  18. snake

    Investments & Property

    Who doesn't like to make money? I am about to enter the housing market with my first investment property. While other countries have hit mortgage crisis, Australia has sky-rocketed. It is now up there with places such as New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo in terms of property. So anyway, do you...
  19. snake

    The emergence of scum in recent days

    The amount of trolls that have joined in the past few days show two things.. How DESPERATE Milan fans are How PATHETIC Milan fans are Desperate: You guys have been so poor over the last few years, even the smallest sense of a chance at victory and you guys can't even keep your shit...
  20. snake

    Interview with.....THE KING!

    Ladies & gentleman, let him have it!