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  1. A.l.i

    Yann Karamoh

    Sources reporting its done for him. 8kmJGvfjPUM Will this kid stay here???
  2. A.l.i

    Angel Di Maria

    A lot of rumours are pointing out to him. CDS, Gazzetta and now Di Marzio as well.
  3. A.l.i

    Medhi Benatia

    Negotiations ongoing for him. Reported by Sky and the following pic reported by Di Marzio How we need this guy desperately.
  4. A.l.i

    Michael Bolingbroke

    A thread for Michael Bolingbroke who is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) meaning someone who handles the entire affairs of the company. I like him, the guy is ambitious judging by his recent interviews that we have to modernize the Meazza plus fill it and an overall evaluation of where...
  5. A.l.i

    Need help on a trip to Milano !!

    Hello Interisti, Im planning on a trip to Milano for either the Lazio game on Dec 21 or against Genoa on Jan 11 and roam about a few more days in the city. I have absolutely no idea of ticket prices, hotel costs or the must go to places in Milan so can anyone guide? :)
  6. A.l.i

    Dynamo Kyiv - Inter (4 Nov 09)

    Well, simply our most important game of the season uptil now. We are bottom of our CL group but given Barca's difficult trip to Kazan, we have a big big chance to catch air. Good luck to us as we're going to need it. :P
  7. A.l.i

    The "Arrivals"

    Guys !!! Wanted to see if any of you guys have been into this. This is a series which investigates the Judgment Day and the coming of the Anti-Christ from the Christian and Islamic point of view. I have only seen 5 episodes YET but some interesting points I came to know and now want to ask...
  8. A.l.i

    Ballon d'Or 2009

    Arshavin and Kaka above Ibra?? Wtf.
  9. A.l.i

    Inter - Milan (23 Dec 07)

    It's "Derby Della Madoninna" time again. Our biggest match without a doubt. A chance to go further away from the chasing pack and extend bbilan's domestic Misery. Black and Blue will prevail again :interscarf: . FORZA RAGAZZI !!!!!!!!!
  10. A.l.i

    PES "Pro Evolution Soccer" 2008

    Well, nobody had started this thread so I decided to make it considering the best Football game is just around the corner. Its expected to be released in Europe on the 26th of October while here in Pakistan we would have it by the 27th of Oct, Pirated version :D :D for just 60 RS = 1 Dollar...
  11. A.l.i

    Problems with

    Why the hell is not being updated continuously,while the italian versione looks like a completely different website.This has never happened before:yuck: :yuck:
  12. A.l.i

    Moratti's " Revolution "

    Hey fellow interisti according to moratti wants messi,camoranesi,beckz,diarra all to come to inter,though figo now is staying but still now inter hav offered beckz a contract,n mourinho is in sightz as well,but our team is winning n so everyone is saying y need for it,y go into...
  13. A.l.i

    Interista from PAKISTAN

    ;) Well, there r a many interisti here in Pak,in my city karachi,but all of em just support a single player,they do not support inter PASSIONATELY like me POSTERZ,Songz,Kitz,My hearts BLACK n blue,.AND I hate it when These fanz cum to me n talk abt inter s matchez,damn they even dunt know abt...