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  1. J zanetti

    On the ball statistics

    This is a pretty cool site if you are into your statistics! It shows stats regarding every nation in the WC. The cool thing is the spreadsheet format of it – so feel free to mess about with it. Again, I’m sure our Australian contention will enjoy the diving statistics. I believe you don’t need...
  2. J zanetti

    Official: Pierre Wome to Werder Bremen

    What a sad day... :( :( :lol: Hopefully you now can learn a thing or two in Germany! here is the link:
  3. J zanetti

    Football fans are idiots

    This is a great reality check to all of us. I truly enjoyed reading this article the other day. Though focusing on the EPL and its top team, yet its content can be directly related to other big leagues and fans and where the game is heading such our own Serie A & La Liga. Enjoy… ;) Football...
  4. J zanetti

    My pictures from our friendly last night 27/07/05

    As promised here are the pics from last night! Enjoy... ;) I will try and upload the short clip from my digi cam in the coming days.... ]
  5. J zanetti

    Free iPod

    An advertiser is offering free ipods in return for ipod consumer data, and it's not a hoax (Check out this BBC news story: ) All you have to do to get your free iPod is click on this link...
  6. J zanetti

    Interview with BDragon2k2

    Ok then, some members did forward your name as our next victim! ;) So, do you accept to be interviewed or not? (you better be) :D
  7. J zanetti

    Inter – "The Slitztheory"

    I really enjoyed this writing hence I did a quick translation of it hoping that some of you will enjoy it too. For those of you not familiar with Slitz – I can tell you that Slitz is a men’s magazine in Sweden. Inter – “The Slitztheory” Perhaps at times when you have no solution for a...
  8. J zanetti

    Rebecchi on loan to Parma

    Good move by Inter as he is a promising lad. Now lets hope we can get rid of 6-7 more players! REBECCHI ON LOAN TO PARMA Tuesday, 13 July 2004 15:31:06 MILAN - F.C. Internazionale Milano communicates that Mario Rebecchi has moved on loan to Parma after a loan spell at Genoa.