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  1. Lionheart

    Milan - Inter (4 May 14)

    DERBY DELLA MADONNINA, FAGGOTS!!! I opened this thread for Mazzarri cuz 3 sweet points will be waiting for us to pick up. :proud: :heart: :interflag2:
  2. Lionheart

    Inter - Catania (26 Jan 14)

    First & foremost, this club is fucking doomed. :palm: Nevertheless I decided to open a game thread, because last time I opened a game thread, we beat Napoli 3-1 when Leo was still our coach. :yao: So as the alpha male of FIF, I decided to take matters into my own hands, open a game thread &...
  3. Lionheart

    Interview with Sir0w

    Aight ladies & gents, Interview the fuck outta my homo love, one of AUW's finest, the flying Dutchfuck. Let him have it hard & deep. I know how he likes that way tbh. :slick: ForzAUW! Shiiieeettt!!! :pazzini:
  4. Lionheart

    Matias Silvestre

    Matías Silvestre :work: Officially signed & guess who was the fastest to open the thread bitchez!!! :boogy: . Full name: Matías Agustín Silvestre Date of birth: 25 September 1984 Place of birth: Mercedes, Argentina Height: 1.84 m (6 ft 1⁄2 in) "The U.S. Città di Palermo announces that...
  5. Lionheart

    Inter - Udinese (3 Dec 11)

    Almost a year since I opened a game thread (The 3-1 win against Napoli with Leonardo) :proud: Anyway... tough game this one. Can't troll win this one like a Siena, that's fo' sho'. The game's almost in a week & I hope a few of them injured players make their comeback. Maicon & Wes being the...
  6. Lionheart

    Football Meister App

    Ey y'all I found this super cool app where you can play this football predicting game with your friends on your smart phone. A friend suggested it to me today & I saw how cool it is. So thought share it with you folks, cuz it definitely looks like something y'all would like. It's all free of...
  7. Lionheart

    Happy Birthday La Brujita!

    AUW!!! Happy birthday to one of the team's top strikers! :slick: :boogy: :slick: :boogy: Guys let him have it...
  8. Lionheart

    Daniel Passarella

    Daniel Alberto Passarella * 25 May 1953 - Defender Based on his Wikipedia page information, he played for us between 1986–1988 44 games & scored 9 goals. Note that with a couple exceptions, most of y'all were still swimming in your father's balls when he was a Nerazzurro. He is the current...
  9. Lionheart

    Forza Inter Forums' Stats has a three-month global traffic rank of 291,635. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to and pageviews on over the past 3 months.'s visitors view an average of 5.4 unique...
  10. Lionheart

    Audio Sharing in Forum

    Guys, does anybody know a way to share audio files in the forum the same way we share gif. & pics files?! I have a short audio file (6 seconds) which is funny & I can use on various occasions here but I don't know how to share it. I'm thinking about an ability to upload it somewhere & then use...
  11. Lionheart

    Dinner With Seven

    1. Al Capone 2. Hermann Göring 3. Marlon Brando 4. José Mourinho 5. Ian McShane 6. Darius the Great 7. Luis Figo*... AUW!!! :boogy: -------------------------- * The greatest winger ever lived
  12. Lionheart

    Scarpini - Eto'o Ringtone

    So I was watching today's game (Sampdoria - Inter) while having all my Inter gear on as usual, & a couple of friends were also around. So when Eto'o scored his 90' min. goal everybody was looking at me waiting some kind of a reaction or a crazy jump & all I did was turning up the volume while...
  13. Lionheart

    Inter - Napoli (6 Jan 11)

    F.C. Internazionale Milano - S.S.C. Napoli Our logo looks much better Thursday | January 6, 2011 | 8:45 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :D My first match thread y'all :D After a glorious :star: 2010 :star: year with lots of ups & downs &...
  14. Lionheart Publishing News Close to Reality for the 1st Time

    So here I go to today morning as usual to check the shit & damn, I couldn't believe my eyes. They've started publishing interviews & news the way it just is without any effort to make it look nice & harmless. It was unbelievable! Have a look yourself y'all: P.S.: Sorry to open a...
  15. Lionheart

    The Official F.C. Internazionale Milano Facebook Page and twitter

    Hurray!!! Hurray y'all!!! Finally the The Official F.C. Internazionale Milano Facebook Page has been launched & they've sent notifications per email. I myself remember writing a long email to Inter, explaining why it would be good to launch an official page & gather all the fans under one roof...
  16. Lionheart

    One Hardcore Inter Fan!!!

    Hello y'all. I'm one bad hardcore Inter fan you haven't seen before. I dream, breath & eat Inter all day long! Just wanted to say hello to you & salute y'all for supporting the best club in the world! Don't forget to say hello to my brand new Biscione, the most expensive t-shirt I ever bought...