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  1. Javier Zanetti

    Please delete my posts

    Hi, I don't know if any of the users here remember him, I had a lot of fun on this forum but I need the mods to delete all my posts, if that is possible without deleting the user, great, if not, deleting the user is also ok, I'm sure some new member would like to take it. Thanks and forza Inter!!!
  2. Javier Zanetti

    Army thread

    Did anybody here serve in the army, or is going to? If yes then what exactly did you do?
  3. Javier Zanetti

    Marijuana & alcohol thread

    What is your favorite drink and what drinks do you currently posses? :)
  4. Javier Zanetti

    My trip to Milan

    Just came back yesterday after a wonderful trip, on the first day I went to San Siro, I went to the museum, took a few pictures(shhhh...) and then I took the tour, later that day I went to Piazza del Duomo, it was like paradise, so many football shirts, I got 7, 2 for my friends and 5 for...
  5. Javier Zanetti

    Inter Products

    Where is the best place in Milan or Como to get them ? I think I heard there are some stands near the Duomo but I'm not too sure about that, can anyone confirm?
  6. Javier Zanetti

    Summer vacation

    I'm not going to have time to be on the forum during the next two or three weeks because I'm going to enjoy every second of my holiday with my friends on the beach ,playing football etc. So what are you going to do on your summer vacation ? Whatever you do ,I wish you all a great vacation , I...
  7. Javier Zanetti

    David Marcelo Cortez Pizarro

    David Pizarro Is a player who we have been rumoured to for the last two seasons now ,and the rumours are becoming intensive now ,so I think this rumour deserve its own thread so we can follow it more closely and not miss any details. According to Franco Rossi our interest is more serious this...
  8. Javier Zanetti

    Goran Slavkovski

    I'm sure you remember this lad ,everybody were talking about him when we signed him in the winter for €77,000 ,he's supposed to come in the summer right ? Can one of the Swedish fans in the forum update us on him ? How many goals has he scored for Malmö this season ? Is he any bigger than he...
  9. Javier Zanetti


    I think it will be better for everyone if we will be allowed to have signatures , let alone they add a lot of color to the forum , they help recognizing each other. I think we should have signatures , and an option in the profile that will make them invisible to users who have slow internet or...
  10. Javier Zanetti

    The Pazza Inter video

    Well I uploaded it just for you guys :) have fun :
  11. Javier Zanetti

    Roma - Inter match report

    Hello Inter fans , This is the first time I write for Only Inter ,and I get to write about a fantastic match as a neutral football fan yet what an Inter fan would define as anoter tragedy , another disappointment . As you know , the Olimpico hasn't been kind to us in the past , and it wasn't...
  12. Javier Zanetti

    Inter players on loan

    Let's use this thread to update about our players on loan at other teams like Stephane Dalmat in Toulouse(whom you can actually send messages through the official Toulouse site !) Ventola and Sorondo at Crystal Palace ,Sabri Lamouchi at Genoa , Ianis Zicu and Alessandro Potenza at Parma etc . I...
  13. Javier Zanetti

    My transfer market analysis

    Well I'm happy with our market , only a shame we spoiled it on the last day . Don't forget we spent a lot of money in the winter for two players who give the impression of our two BEST players . Wer'e safe in goal , the great Toldo is in good form and we have Cordaz and Fontana(Carini will...
  14. Javier Zanetti

    Best player in the world

    Shame normal users(if at all) can't open polls . Anyway , who's the best for you ? Totti ? Henry ? Ronaldinho ? Adriano ? Retardo ? For me it's Ronlaindho , magical player , great technical abilities and anticipation . I like Henry but he isn't in Ronaldino's level , he needs to improve his...
  15. Javier Zanetti

    Crespo moves to Milan

    Man I'm disappointed Hernan , thought you were a Interista and was forced out , I don't like you anymore :stuckup: . Why didn't we sell Vieri and got him :| . your opinion ?
  16. Javier Zanetti

    CL Seedings

    Are we first seeded or second ? I only know that Barcelona is first seeded ,and that Liverpool and Chelski are 2nd , so we might face them .
  17. Javier Zanetti

    Your messages to the new Inter players !

    What did you tell Veron Mancio and Davids ? to Mancio I wished good luck and said I hope he can lead us to Lo Scudetto and beat I Gobbi and B.B. Milan . to Veron I told I hoped he could find his old form and be an important player for the team . to Davids I said I hoped he would give 101%...
  18. Javier Zanetti

    Pre-retreat: Ventola and Rebecchi are back!

    Nicola Ventola and Mario Rebecchi are back from their loans at Siena and Genoa . :) They are in the squad list of and will take part in the retreat tomorrow with the rest of the players that didn't play in the euro . I'd like to see Ventola staying and Kallon leaving . And I'd like...
  19. Javier Zanetti

    Dalmat goes to Toulouse on loan

    according to Dalmat has joined Toulouse(France) on loan , good luck Stephane :)
  20. Javier Zanetti

    This problem is making me sick

    the forum doesn't automaticly recognize me , everytime I want to add a reply or to make a new thread I have to press on the write reply button , then it brings me back to the forum index and connects me and only then I can write :yuck: do you know how to fix it ? + why aren't photos allowed...