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  1. A.l.i

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Or new sponsors approval?
  2. A.l.i

    Frank de Boer

    Has Barca appointed him in any capacity?
  3. A.l.i

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Honestly i would go for Sergio Conceicao instead of Sarri.
  4. A.l.i

    Beppe Marotta

    In Marotta we trust amidst the Conte departure.
  5. A.l.i

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Has to be Allegri or Sarri now. Given the entire situation, Im very surprised Marotta and co didn't plan with contingencies with both the coach + transfer market.
  6. A.l.i

    Christian Eriksen

    Has to be loaned out especially with our coach's future in the balance. Any new manager would play Eriksen lol.
  7. A.l.i

    Antonio Conte

    He has to go. With or without Scudetto. Has to leave.
  8. A.l.i

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    So can we say that bringing back Spalletti is indeed a realistic option?
  9. A.l.i

    Arturo Vidal

    Just play Nainggolan in every match. What does this guy give anyway? Fuck off together with your Juventino coach.
  10. A.l.i

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Pretty sure Allegri will soon be receiving a call again. Hope that happens because this side is just going no where.
  11. A.l.i

    Antonio Conte

    Whose responsibility is it to create a balance? If he can't, then he should leave.
  12. A.l.i

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

  13. A.l.i

    Antonio Conte

    He is going to be in some pressure if we go one more month without a win coupled with a CL group stage exit.
  14. A.l.i

    Radja Nainggolan

    Agreed. Ofcourse its bound to happen when you bring a player like him on in the 86th minute lol. If Eriksen leaves in Jan, he should stay imo otherwise he should be sold. Given how Eriksen is playing, I would rather see Radja as our AM tbh.
  15. A.l.i

    Steven Zhang

    Yeah, going out last in a CL group with having improved the squad for a coach on 12 million is no short of a disaster. We've won only 4 times in the last 15 CL games. Shocking.
  16. A.l.i

    Arturo Vidal

    Honestly, given Vidal's age defensively he makes tackles late, is late in marking people, giving away balls in crucial defensive areas. Can't we just play him in an attacking role like he was doing last season at Barca? He was their 2nd highest scorer I think.
  17. A.l.i

    Achraf Hakimi

    What a shocker of a performance. Grande Hakimi !!!!! 17 goals and assists last season in Bundesliga? I wonder how lol.
  18. A.l.i

    Arturo Vidal

    Vidal doesn't have legs? The guy keeps on uploading his distance covered on social media in trainings, matches and laughs at those who say that Vidal doesn't work hard anymore. He is extremely fit for his age. His girlfiend is even more fitter lol.
  19. A.l.i

    Lionel Messi

  20. A.l.i

    Lionel Messi

    Messi will create a generation of new Inter fans just like Ronaldo did. So many posters here on this forum are here purely because of Ronaldo. Posting here after a long long time as I mainly am restricted to FIF's whatsapp group.