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  1. nurko

    Where/how to buy tickets for Milan - Inter (Sep 04 2022) + any tips

    Hey guys! I was planning to go to Milano this summer or fall and now that Derby is in September, I would like to use the opportunity watch the game as well live. What's the best way to obtain tickets and when can that be done given it's an "away" game? Do you have any tips for the match day...
  2. nurko


    Happy birthday Wallace, the first serious troll master of FIF. Here is a picture of WM as a birthday present.
  3. nurko

    General music thread

    So here's a general music thread! I thought I haven't seen one so far so let's just share the music we enjoy currently!
  4. nurko

    Interview with Guney

    Alright, it's about time someone else is interrogated and I know FIF can't wait to start asking questions about pornstars to an underage prospect :D 1. Name, full preferably? 2. Date of birth, place of birth ? 3. Current place of residence ? 4. Current club, position and average minutes per...
  5. nurko

    Happy birthday Michael

    Happy birthday to our beloved humans news bot!!! (besides jjm :p) Best wishes for the next year and the following season! Cheers :interscarf:
  6. nurko

    Granit Xhaka

    Date of birth: Sep 27, 1992 Place of birth: Basel Switzerland Age: 21 Height: 1,85 m Nationality: Switzerland Switzerland Position: Mittelfeld - Central Midfield Foot: left Linked lately a lot to him so Pajo authorized the thread opening. I just wanted to have another thread without the...
  7. nurko

    BiH and Serbia Flood Relief

    Hi everyone, As some of you may know, Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by worst floods in the past 100 years or more. As a result many people have lost everything they had due to floods and landslides, houses literally being swallowed by water and land. I would like to ask everyone able to...
  8. nurko


    Happy birthday to Michael - our beloved member who many still mistake for a news bot for his accuracy and diligence in delivering up-to-date news :party: Best of wishes to him and his family where we seem to be receiving happy news as well!! All of FIF should cherish a moment this remarkable...
  9. nurko

    New member from BiH :)

    Hello to everyone... :) My name is Irfan, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Inter fan since 1999 or so :) I already wrote a few posts but didn't know there was a place for introduction so please forgive me if I was rude :palm: :) Anyway, looking forward to finally having many Inter fans to...