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  1. Sqnalkel

    The race to Champions League - Serie A 2016/2017

    So I was checking the remaining Inter matches and the Serie A's table to consider our chances of reaching 3rd place and found out that we can only lose like 3 games if we want Champions League next season. These were the standings after 19 matches played: Pos Team Played Pts 1 Juventus...
  2. Sqnalkel

    Summer Mercato 2015 - FB (Fullback)

    Now, here it is the FB (Fullback) version of my previous thread Summer Mercato 2015 - WF/SS (Wing Forward/Second Striker), this time I included a link to an Excel (.xlsx) file, that allows you to sort by column for easier comparison between all players. Stats (Average per game) Microsoft...
  3. Sqnalkel

    Summer Mercato 2015 - WF/SS (Wing Forward/Second Striker)

    OK, there it is the WF/SS (Wing Forward/Second Striker) version of my previous thread Summer Mercato 2015 - DM (Defensive Midfielder), this time I included first, the Stats with only Average per game because it's better to compare different players, and then, the Stats with both Total for the...
  4. Sqnalkel

    Ondrej Duda

    According to GDS we got the Slovakian Ondrej Duda from Legia Warszawa, he's a AM and his style of play is similar to Hamsik. The rumored price is around €7-8M according to Slovakian sources.
  5. Sqnalkel

    Summer Mercato 2015 - DM (Defensive Midfielder)

    So, since I'm extremely frustrated with our Management lately, the Mercato Team specifically, I've found that a good way to get rid of some of the frustration is doing whatever possible like if they would actually read/listen to what is posted here on FIF. It's like "I did all I could, now it's...