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  1. Devious

    Manager Suggestions

    Since it’s blatantly obvious that Antonio Conte will most likely be shown the exit door this summer when he ends up with Szero tituli because he wouldn’t use his super secret hidden power plan B to help us win, let’s hear who do you want to replace him when he’s finally gone. I’ll go with a bit...
  2. Devious

    Happy birthday Vintage Shaun Armes

    It does sound like a title of a porno :D have a good one lads!
  3. Devious

    Happy birthday .h.E.N.E.R.Y

    ;) Oh shit I spelled his name wrong, it's for good luck ;)
  4. Devious

    HBD Mr Dee_Jay

    Have a good one lad
  5. Devious

    Happy birthday Il Drago

    Have a good one Il Dragooooo
  6. Devious

    HBD Cris

    Hope you enjoy it in a pool full of bikinis (females or males your preference) and cold drinks with fancy cigars.
  7. Devious

    HBD Choppin Onions

    Don't let our grumpy mood following Spalletti's team abysmal performance and degrading results make us forget to celebrate the birthday of our Aussi comrade Mr Choppin Onions. Hope you have a blast mate!
  8. Devious

    Happy birthday Sokrates

    Have a good one lad!
  9. Devious

    Happy birthday Shark and Batman

    Have a good one lads!
  10. Devious

    HBD Adriano@10 and JJM

    Have a good one lads!
  11. Devious

    HBD Jnr

    Hope you have a special one lad!
  12. Devious

    HBD Dax21

    Have a good one lad!
  13. Devious

    HBD TwoFiddy

    Have a good one lad!
  14. Devious

    Torino - Inter (27 Jan 19) [1-0]

    That was the point of TODSS, scaring you lots so I can take the chance of opening match threads. Well not really. We have a very tight schedule next, three games in eight days Since 2013 we only beat Torino away once, with Kdog goal :yao: So we need to troll if we could win this game, a...
  15. Devious

    HBD Vintage, Shaun and Armes

    Hope you have a good three mates!
  16. Devious

    Happy Birthday rockball

    Hope you have a good one mate!
  17. Devious

    Happy Birthday _Ivan_

    Have a good one mate!
  18. Devious

    Happy birthday Anne Marie

    LOBaqEgzvBM Happy birthday and a happy new year!
  19. Devious

    HBD Campione

    Have a good one mate!
  20. Devious

    SK Rapid Wien - Inter (14 Feb 19) [0-1]

    You suck, costed us scudetto and CL football, so I'll take it from here. Last time Inter played against Rapid Vienna we ended up winning the UEFA Cup in 1990-1991 :) from Inter's archive: 19-09-1990 Rapid Vienna-Inter 2-1 5' Matthaus, 55' Pfeifenberger, 71' Keglevits 03-10-1990 Inter-Rapid...