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    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Haha. What is that talk supposed to go like? "Please turn down large sums of money we offer in the future. We sometimes make unreasonably generous offers, and it is your responsibility to limit our incompetence."
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    English Premier League 2022/2023

    He was good at Roma, but Klopp has definitely taken him to another level. And I don't think that would've been guaranteed under another coach.
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    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Accepting a contract offer is taking advantage, but weaselling your way out of them is not. The mental gymnastics you put yourself through...
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    Lautaro Martinez

    Speaks partly to the shortage of strikers on the market these days.
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    Barty retiring at #1. I am stunned.
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    UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

    I agree. It made it rarer for teams to be completely level on aggregate. That made ET less likely, which is usually a drag. It was also unique in football in creating situations where you could go from losing to winning in one moment. The rule made for some crazy ties.
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    Manager Suggestions

    Didn't realize that Ajax have conceded 5(!) goals in the league. And they haven't even been top for all of the season. Unbelievable stat. (Not saying bring him here, just wanted to mention this)
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    The bullshit thread

    I've been there a few times. The most recent time I drove with my friend as part of a long road trip. The park is huge, and I imagine it would be difficult to get around without a car. During the day we just hiked. There's tons of trails and lots of different terrain and scenery, so it's hard to...
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    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    Gerrard left before Klopp arrived.
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    Lazio - Inter (16 Oct 21) [3-1]

    It was hit right onto his arm from close range while he was jumping. What can he do there
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    Simone Inzaghi

    I wouldn't trust Hakan to be a #10.
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    Alessandro Bastoni

    Conte was clearly big on CBs going forward starting from the second half of his first season here. Not just Bastoni, but Godin and Skriniar were going forward a lot too.
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    Inter Jerseys

    That looks like the front was printed on the back of the shirt.
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    Inter's Transfer Policy: A Football Fan's Guide To Idiocy

    nelsonrivas2011 reviving an ancient thread? No way.
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    Edin Džeko

    Why do you keep judging Lautaro by how the team as a whole did? Even if you wanted to do that, why would you pick a sample of six games over 38?
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    The Milan team he turned around in 12/13 was after they'd sold all their big stars like Ibra and Thiago Silva. Allegri is no stranger to slow starts.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    The team was clearly built around Lukaku, and most play went through him by design. But Conte's a good manager. I'm sure if Lukaku had been out for extended periods Conte would have figured something out with Lautaro and co. (Or maybe he'd just have pouted about it).
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    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Summer 2021-22

    Romero is right-footed?
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    Inter Jerseys

    Christ, you don't need a degree to have an opinion.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Inzaghi's done great work with Immobile, it's not impossible he could improve Lukaku further. Also, I think Vlahovic would be a big gamble. Seen too many of these young strikers get hype after one great season.