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  1. Sqnalkel

    Simone Inzaghi

    And it wasn't exactly a strike of genius from Conte, everyone was calling for it all season long. Not to mention that we only finally started playing good under Conte after 18 months, despite the fact all the money we spent and basically gave him everything he wanted, Inzaghi got Correa after...
  2. Sqnalkel

    Inter - Milan (5 Feb 22) [1-2]

    This happened many times with Conte, with Inzaghi we still haven't had anything as disgraceful as the EL final and our games under Conte in the CL.
  3. Sqnalkel

    Federico Dimarco

    And he's also a rotational player that is really good at something (amazing left foot), which is pretty rare. I just wish he was a little faster, or taller.
  4. Sqnalkel

    Inter - Juventus (12 Jan 22) Supercoppa [2-1]

    No thank you, we like those. Plus even if we come with new ones, you'll eventually try to ban those too for some stupid reason. Anyways, the ref tried his best to fuck us up, but he couldn't and winning it at the last minute it's pretty damn sweet.
  5. Sqnalkel

    Inter Jerseys

    The problem has always been putting the "Fan Token" words, the "#INTER" is actually great (it's literally just our name) and the "by" is small and unobtrusive. The "Fan Token" makes it way too loaded and is completely unnecessary because it doesn't really explain or advertise...
  6. Sqnalkel

    2021/2022 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Well at least this season Bremer has been superior than DeVrij.
  7. Sqnalkel

    André Onana

    I really like him, I hope he doesn't disappoint.
  8. Sqnalkel

    Alexis Sanchez

    If he wants to play, he needs to stop getting injured (retire from the NT), we can't even count on him to rest our starters, much less to play an integral part of the team when he's always getting injured at the worst times.
  9. Sqnalkel

    Lautaro Martinez

    You can aim as high as you like... in your dreams, but reality is another thing. Hell, even if we were bought by PIF there isn't that many SS that are better than Lautaro. It would actually be easier to get a top CF and pair him with someone technical (as in dribbling more than anything) and...
  10. Sqnalkel

    New Stadium

    Do you won Apple products or honestly almost anything tech related or electronic (including cars), then you're collaborating in promoting the propagation of slave labor. Even things made in decent countries come with the problem of how the mining of rare metals comes about. Do you feel bad about...
  11. Sqnalkel

    Alessandro Bastoni

    You could for example, sell de Vrij for around 50-60M and buy an elite and fast CB for around 20M more or maybe one that's not quite elite but it's young, fast and have the potential to reach that level for about the same as we sell de Vrij or probably even less. Then we should be a lot less...
  12. Sqnalkel

    Lautaro Martinez

    Lautaro can be our main striker if we get a second striker does contribute what Lautaro now contributes as a second striker: 15 goals per season, great off-the-ball movement, a lot of running and incesant pressuring the opponent.
  13. Sqnalkel

    Alessandro Bastoni

    I'd rather keep trying until our players learn how to defend with a high defensive line, if they don't sell them and buy players that can. You may be not even need to replace all of them, just one may be enough. Both Liverpool and City solved their defensive with just one player.
  14. Sqnalkel

    Lazio - Inter (16 Oct 21) [3-1]

    Either we win against Rube or we're not even getting CL places.
  15. Sqnalkel

    Lazio - Inter (16 Oct 21) [3-1]

    Again Brozović with the stupid unforced mistake that became an scoring chance for Lazio, he had 3 easy passing options and somehow he fucked it up. And then whoever the fuck made the super risky backpass to Handanovic.
  16. Sqnalkel

    Lazio - Inter (16 Oct 21) [3-1]

    I hope we stop making the stupid individual mistakes we keep on making every fucking damn game. Škriniar and de Vrij has made more ridiculous mistakes in 7 games than Ranocchia used to make in his worsts seasons. Like wtf was Škriniar doing against Atalanta, the first goal was completely his...
  17. Sqnalkel

    New Stadium

    Plus everyone that's rich in China is part of the Communist Party, so they're either true believers or are communists out of convenience, which doesn't make any better, I bet there were plenty of the Mao's goons that killed over hundred millions people that were only communists out of convenience
  18. Sqnalkel

    New Stadium

    I'd much rather be owned by the Saudis than the Chinese, there is nothing worse than a communist.
  19. Sqnalkel

    Inter's Financial Situation

    It would be a dream if PIF bought Inter.
  20. Sqnalkel

    Sampdoria - Inter (12 Sep 21) [2-2]

    You guys do realize that we lost against Samp last season playing a lot worse than last Sunday with mastermind Conte at the helm. I mean I'm really worried about our midfield because it was the weakest area of our squad last year and this year is even worse but it's not time to panic yet either.