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  1. FCBarca

    Spanish Primera Liga 2022/2023

    August 12, new season kicks off
  2. FCBarca

    Spanish Primera Liga 2021/2022

    August 13, new season kicks off
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    Inter - Barcelona (10 Dec 19) [1-2]

    Champions League Group Stage - Group F - Matchday 6 of 6 Tuesday, December 10, 21:00CET Stadium: San Siro Injuries Inter: Sensi has been out for 6 days - status unknown. Barella & Alexis are both injured Barca: Piqué is back from CL suspension although he has knee discomfort - status...
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    Spanish Primera Liga 2019/2020

    New season. Vamos!
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    Hasta la Pasta

    Well, feels like a good time to depart...I enjoyed my brief time here and gave me both some insight into a different club & league while engaging in some occasionally interesting debates. It wasn't my intention, from the outset, to remain indefinitely but quickly got into the team and several...
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    5.1 Speaker Setup questions

    Went back and forth and got the Klipsch Quintet Synergy IV set for a new Home theater set up...Had a few questions that I had trouble searching out elsewhere. 1) Stands: For the rear channel speakers...I have read & seen people talking about the Sanus EFSATB series stands as being good options...
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    UEFA European U-19 Football Championship

    To take place in Northern France...Spanish FA just released their squadlist...No Spanish club had more than 2 players represented for the Spanish side, except for Barca...with 7 players ;)
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    Brasil vs Ireland - Intl Friendly

    Any interest in a match thread for this Maicon inspired lead in to the WC?...Getting under way presently
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    Abolishing Offside rule?

    There's an article at The Times regarding Blatter having initial discussions about the possibility of scrapping the offside rule as they did in hockey (IHF) some 10 years ago to make the game more 'exciting'. Thoughts?
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    FIFA Club World Cup

    Qualified teams Enter in the Semi-Finals Barcelona UEFA Winners of the 2008–09 UEFA Champions League Estudiantes CONMEBOL Winners of the 2009 Copa Libertadores Enter in the Quarter-Finals Atlante CONCACAF Winners of the 2008–09 CONCACAF Champions League Pohang Steelers AFC...
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    Castrol Football Rankings

    Interesting and quite extensive ranking system of world football players was officially unveiled...Interestingly enough, features quite a few Barca players (6 out of the top 10)...Ironic too since the chosen ambassador for the launch was Cristiano Ronaldo (#3 in the rankings)...
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    Soccerpulse closing...

    My home for Barca football etc., shutting down...Been 5 years for me...Real bummer...Lookin' for a new home:`( SP was a great site/forum for football and there are so few of them out there anymore