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    Interview with nurko

    Hello nurko. Today is your special day. Even better than a bithday, actually, since the entire forum's attention will go your way. Horrible questions will be asked, your privacy will attempted to be ruined... your deepest secrets we will try to surface, but the thing is, you can answer any way...
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    Semi Final: Netherlands - Argentina

    _ Arena Corinthians, São Paulo 9/7/14 17:00 local time, 22:00 CEST Nativelands' last 3 results Netherlands 2 - 0 Chile Netherlands 2 - 1 Mexico Netherlands 0 - 0 Costa Rica (4 - 3 after penalties) Argentina's last 3 results Argentina 3 - 2 Nigeria Argentina 1 - 0 Switzerland Argentina 1 -...
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    Semi Final: Brazil - Germany

    _ Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte 8/7/14 17:00 local time, 22:00 CEST Brazil's last 3 results Cameroon 1 - 4 Brazil Brazil 1 - 1 Chile (3 - 2 after penalties) Brazil 2 - 1 Colombia Germany's last 3 results Germany 1 - 0 United States Germany 2 - 1 Algeria France 0 - 1 Germany
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    Round of 8: Netherlands - Costa Rica

    _ Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador 05/07/14 17:00 local time, 22:00 CEST Holland's last 3 results Australia - Holland 2 - 3 Holland - Chile 2 - 0 Holland - Mexico 2 - 1 Costa Rica's last 3 results Italy - Costa Rica 0 - 1 Costa Rica - England 0 - 0 Costa Rica - Greece 1-1 (5 - 3 after penalties)...
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    Happy Birthday DARi0

    Happy (belated?) birthday, DARi0! I'm sure there's still some time zones in the world where it isn't over just yet. Go there and party 'till your next birthday. Then repeat the process... :slick:
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    Happy Birthday Monster09

    Always wanted to make one of these, and one of the few good non interista members, one I actually respect, feels like a fine target to me. Your schedule for today? 1. Call off work 2. Lots of booze, lots of pot, lots of friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONSTER09 Also a happy birthday to vassago and...
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    Need Help

    OK guys, I wanna tell you a story because I want to explain a few things about me or my behaviour lately and I just need help from anyone, and I need to get this off my shoulders somewhere. If you don't want to read a long story then leave, 'cause underneath is nearly my whole life story. If you...
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    The Holy Three Word Game

    Let's play a game. We are going to make sentences, and every participant is allowed to say only three words. I'll post an example below, 'Poster' can be anyone: Poster: Devious is a Poster: salty meat sack Poster: with stiff towers Poster: on his anal Poster: vagina. But Dylan Poster: likes...
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    Euro 2012 Streams

    A friend who is studying in Finland wants to watch the match tonight but he can't see it on tv there and we can barely find any streams... I thought if people have good streams for Euro matches we can share them here... And does anyone perhaps know a stream for Netherlands - Denmark tonight? XxXxX
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    Netherlands National Team Do the current vice-world champions have any chance of winning EURO 2012?
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    Happy Birthday to Bruce007 and Sokrates!

    Happy birthday guys! Hope you have a good day with lots of beer, drunk virgins and other things real men care about. Cheers :)
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    Netherlands World Champions 1978?

    Since this is an article, I believe this thread should be in this section, but if I'm wrong, move it to where it belongs. Yesterday, South-American newspapers reported that FIFA is probably going to start a new investigation about the World Cup final in 1978. Remember? The one with Netherlands...
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    Inter Jerseys 2012/2013

    Very early this year, pictures and info about our jerseys for next season have already been 'leaked'. The first information: Pictures of what could be our new jerseys: Home...
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    Ana and I are gonna get married!

    Hello everyone, I speak to you on this beautiful second day of December to tell you about something very special. Now that I am old enough, I made Ana a proposal today, and after I had to convince her my ass is worth it, she said YES. Ana and I are gonna get married! The engagement ring I...
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    Inter Gear

    Hello pretty guys and girls, I have been unable to find a topic specified in gear and stuff for Inter. There is a topic in which you can show your collection, but not really one where you can ask questions about specific items, etc. Now I have a question and I thought a topic like this might...
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    So, a little game I've invented when I was bored, the 'guess the player' game. The intention is that someone posts a picture of a football player, but the poster has to make the player unrecognizable first. Do this in paint and then upload it on ImageShack or TinyPic, and don't forget to NOT...
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    Inter Jerseys 2011/2012

    Ok, so the jerseys for next season appear to have leaked (though it's still a RUMOR), and god I wish they hadn't. My eyes hurt. This is absolutely the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. A disgrace to our beautiful club and the gorgeous jerseys you could make for it with black/blue. Even...
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    Goedendag! Ik ben Martijn!

    Hello everyone! I am Martijn (no, not Martin), a Dutch Spain-hater. I will tell you my whole sports-life story here. And no, I'm not that idiot called 'rossoneri-forever', or whatever it was. I'm of course a fan of the most beautiful club on the world, Internazionale, and I have been since...