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  1. vasilios

    Cesare Casadei

    The only world where we exercise a 35mil buyback is one where Casadei turns into prime Iniesta and we immediately turn around and sell him to Chelsea
  2. vasilios

    Preseason 22/23

    worked for me after a couple tries, remains to be seen how long before it crashes. ideally they would have just put it on their youtube channel
  3. vasilios


    I think Rossi responded to most of the stuff in here, but just to follow up on this. I agree that the ratings feature (along with some of the Inter Data stuff) is overlooked and a bit hard to find. Adding a second sidebar on the left would be a bit of a nightmare that would either require...
  4. vasilios

    Inter Jerseys

    The coloring on that version is better than the one posted a bit earlier, as at least the stupid bowtie part blends in better with the stripes
  5. vasilios

    Preseason 22/23

    Lukaku isnt there because he's already pushing for a move to childhood club Everton where he has unfinished business
  6. vasilios

    Inter Jerseys

    blue and dark blue with a black bow-tie. dog shit.
  7. vasilios

    André Onana

    Its not like he needs to give a nuanced dissertation on particle physics. He just needs to call for the ball and point at cunts
  8. vasilios

    2022/2023 Forwards Rumours Thread

    All things being equal, I wouldn't have much of an issue taking Lukaku over Dybala. Same age, we know Lukaku and Lautaro can play together, he'd help with our complete lack of pace since he left, and he doesn't have the injury concerns that Dybala has. However, the difference is we can only...
  9. vasilios

    Achraf Hakimi

    Well now that Mbappe is the new owner, Hakimi is sure to stay then
  10. vasilios

    Ivan Perišić

    While I'm fine w/ not spending crazy money to extend a 33 year old Perisic, the one thing I'm not crazy about is losing his pace. Last summer we sold our 2 fastest players and this summer we're starting off by again losing our fastest player. Not great for a team whose lack of pace was a major...
  11. vasilios

    2022/2023 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Fast forward to next summer when we have to sell Skriniar to afford the Lukaku redemption fee. If Lukaku was free then sure, sign him over Dybala. But he's not so fuck him
  12. vasilios

    Ivan Perišić

    mid table I'm perfectly OK w/ letting Perisic get his final pay day somewhere else, but not if we're going to replace him with a far lesser player also on big wages.
  13. vasilios

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Madrid can get fucked. Them whining because some other moneybags team out-moneybags'd them is hilarious. Just like when they whined about us 'tapping up' Modric as if they didn't do the same exact thing to get him from Spurs in the first place.
  14. vasilios

    Video Games

    I have both the PS5 and XSX. I've always been more of a PS person, so all things being equal I'll play a game on PS if given the choice. Graphics and performance are the same unless you really nerd out over that shit and can spot minuscule differences. However, gamepass is nice and if you're...
  15. vasilios

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan

    Hopefully they set aside a few mil for his golden handshake next summer
  16. vasilios

    Gleison Bremer

    He was just named the defender of the year and has interest abroad, you guys think he's signing for Darmian level wages?
  17. vasilios

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Well the good news is that after next year the big fat 0 we have from 2017-18 goes away, so as long as we manage not to completely shit the bed then we should jump up significantly
  18. vasilios

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Too bad we can't draw Milan
  19. vasilios

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    Well at least Cagliari went down
  20. vasilios

    UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

    We're right below RB Salzburg and Shakhtar, so yeah, not pot 2