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  1. Stoppani

    Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa

    Not many players can keep a fanbase without playing time. Somehow he did.
  2. Stoppani

    South American World Cup Qualifiers

    One step at a time :lala:
  3. Stoppani

    Mateo Kovačić

    If we keep benching him, even for unimportant games like the one today against Cesena, it will be true.
  4. Stoppani

    Yann M'Vila

    As icardiscores pointed out, he's not in the squad according to But where is he? I mean, he's training with us? He's going away? Thought mercato was over. All the fuss for this player last mercato and now he's gone?
  5. Stoppani

    South American U20 Cup

    You LOVE the fact that Inter buy players who turn out to be a failure? Are you sick? Defending is anti football? Xavi is that you?
  6. Stoppani

    Davide Santon

    Thanks for the update! Do you think he could have a better present had he stayed with us? (I know we didin't invest wisely those 5MM pounds we got for him)
  7. Stoppani

    Davide Santon

    So...what happened with this guy? Is he still injured? He is 24 years old, not a "bambino" anymore.
  8. Stoppani

    Mauro Icardi

    Like two Hernanes instead of three Pereira's? I'd rather we do everything in our hands in order to keep Icardi.
  9. Stoppani

    Inter Jersey 2015/2016

    Why the fuck NIKE and our management insist in changing our shirt? First, that nonsense red kit from the time we thought Moratti was negotiating with Chinese railroad investors Then the current home kit, which looks like pj's (perfect for Thohir who used to fall asleep during Mazzarri's era)...
  10. Stoppani

    Samir Handanovic

    1. I remember Zlatan kissing Barcelona's patch. 2. Julio Cesar loved INTER in a time when loving INTER was way more easy than nowadays. I'm not saying JC didn't love us but it's not like the case of Pagliuca, who stood by our side from 1994 to 1999, one of the most horrid periods for INTER...
  11. Stoppani

    Pablo Daniel Osvaldo

    I just came back to read news about Osvaldo and bump into a picture of my National team! Peruvian NT jersey is one of the prettiest. Sadly it hasn't appeared in the World Cup for so long. Back on topic, it's a shame Osvaldo couldn't control himself, what an asshole! But we can afford to break...
  12. Stoppani

    Yann Gérard M'Vila

    I do rate Andreolli. He's a good backup CB, whenever he was needed he had an OK to good performance. Plus he loves INTER, was born & raised here and isn't that expensive to keep. I don't care for Livaja, he's an overrated prick.
  13. Stoppani

    Fredy Guarín

    An interview with Guarin from newspaper "El Pais" from Colombia: ¿Cómo llega en su rendimiento individual al Mundial? Bien, muy bien, porque a pesar de que no jugué mucho en las últimas jornadas con el Inter, se hizo un buen campeonato en un año muy pesado, pero cuando estoy con la Selección...
  14. Stoppani

    Yann Gérard M'Vila

    He didn't go to this WC because he is banned by Deschamps. He went off partying while being on duty for U-21. He also didn't shake Laurent Blanc hand in Euro 2012 after being subbed and that didin't go unnoticed by Deschamps WE are NOT in the...
  15. Stoppani

    Rubén Botta

    Looks like Strama is still our Primavera coach :trolldad: (Just joking he was quite good with those lads. Just awful when coaching the real deal)
  16. Stoppani

    Livorno - Inter (31 Mar 14)

    Why THE FUCK does FIGC put this game on Monday? Fucking unbelievable! I missed the match against Udinese and now vs Livorno. Yes, we play fucking horrible but I still watch it. This is more frustrating than Ricky's crossing. Even more than reading Guarin's BS "I love INTER, INTER for life, I...
  17. Stoppani

    Rubén Botta

    Where the fuck can I watch this live? Streams anyone? Please, I can't sleep over here!
  18. Stoppani

    Ricardo Alvarez

    Frustrating, to say the least. His crossing was piss poor, but he insisted on crossing. He always gets too close to Nagatomo or Jonathan, rendering useless the flanks. This may be Mazzarri's stupid tactics but seeing the results Ricky should come up with something different in the field.
  19. Stoppani

    Antonio Cassano

    After being nostalgic about Cassano I was reading about his current status in Parma. On some sites it's claimed he's on LOAN from INTER and that the half of Belfodil deal was a separate one. Then other sites state we exchanged his fully ownership for half of Belfodil. I didn't follow his...