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  1. Greek Nerazzurri

    Paulo Dybala

    Feel like it won't happen. We will be fine with Lukaku and Lautaro. Dybala would never compromise to not be a regular starter.
  2. Greek Nerazzurri

    Paulo Dybala

    What's happening with Dybala? :ROFLMAO: I read many sources on Twitter and everyone says its own. Some say Dybala's arrival is stalled and the other one that he's coming..
  3. Greek Nerazzurri

    Ivan Perišić

    It's on Inter's Board if Perisic will stay or not. I hope he stays
  4. Greek Nerazzurri

    Inter - Sampdoria (22 May 22) [3-0]

    is there any possibility Milan lose to Sassuolo ? I thought there were a better chance to lose to Atalanta , but to Sassuolo.
  5. Greek Nerazzurri

    Antonio Conte

    definitely we need a better depth since our goals are different now. we can win scudetto and a decent run in UCL , don't expect something better in UCL with our current roster.
  6. Greek Nerazzurri

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread