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  1. Vibe

    Mauro Icardi

    He started of looking like a deadlier Pazzini, but now more and more like Milito.
  2. Vibe

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    It also has the world YOUR in it.
  3. Vibe

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Handanovic Peres - Miranda - Murillo - Ansaldi Medel - K-Dog Berardi - Banega - Perisic Jovetic Handanovic Peres - Miranda - Murillo - Ansaldi Banega - Gary Medel - K-Dog Berardi - Jovetic - Perisic
  4. Vibe

    2016/2017 Midfielder Rumours Thread

    Joao Mario is very different to Brozovic.
  5. Vibe

    Diego "Il Principe" Milito

    I don't know Bulgaria, but I do know Bulgarian word for dick now.
  6. Vibe

    Andrea Ranocchia

    I'd feel a lot safer with him sold and someone like Acerbi as backup.
  7. Vibe

    Antonio Candreva

    Atlético Madrid Twitter account saw one supporter pose the question about whether Ansaldi is infact left or right-footed. “I strike the ball better with my left".
  8. Vibe

    Antonio Candreva

    Ansaldi is a RB in every fucking thread now... :palm:
  9. Vibe

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    He can, but using him as a RB continuously is ridiculous. I even checked on transfermarkt, since they keep his data he played 98 LB games and 6 RB. He's a versatile defender, played even CB and RWB for Genoa, but the man is a LB, and dominantly left footed, no doubt, even though he has a good...
  10. Vibe

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Why do you people refuse to believe Ansaldi is not a right back... Knowing Mancini, he'll put Erkin on left midfield more likely than LB. He's not a great defender.
  11. Vibe

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Left footed left back, definitely.
  12. Vibe

    Forza Inter picture album

  13. Vibe

    Mario Balotelli

    Hey you're from Serbia, so nice to have a compatriot on here. Wanna fuck? Even though you are probably a guy, I'll take it.
  14. Vibe

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Why does a whole lot of you want a left footed Ansaldi playing RB? Sure, he's versatile, has a good right foot, played there occasionally, but not a permanent solution.
  15. Vibe

    Whom do you miss most?

    I miss many players for emotional reasons, but from a footballing perspective - Cambiasso. Most underrated footballer ever. I don't need to explain here why...
  16. Vibe

    João Mário

    I'm fairly certain Joao Mario is more of a central midfielder rather than winger, though he played wing for Portugal. Not sure about his club position ATM, but I remember a couple of games in 14/15 and he was definitely a central mid and he still looks like one. Santos tried to emulate Atletico...
  17. Vibe

    Inter Streams English, decent.
  18. Vibe

    Inter Streams

    I am completely streamless.
  19. Vibe

    Adem Ljajić

    The wide playmaker role he got yesterday was perfect. He was fast on the counter, advanced with the ball quickly, cut inside well, created stuff. Connected well with Jovetic, although that is expected. It was a bit of Man City formula Mancini used, and Ljajic got the Nasri role. Selfish at...
  20. Vibe

    Inter Streams