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  1. Intermania

    Marcelo Brozović

    EpicBrozo celebration Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Intermania

    Marcelo Brozović

    You probably missed this one. During the game some people interrupted game. They were wearing official stadium staff uniforms. Brozo grab the hat and put it on.
  3. Intermania

    Round of 16: Colombia - England

    Colombian not Columbian. No problem Crzd we got your back
  4. Intermania

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    He is still world class regardless of your anally retentive opinion on every thread that I open today.
  5. Intermania

    Juan Camilo Zuniga

  6. Intermania

    2012/2013 Midfielders Rumors Thread

    you old dirty...
  7. Intermania

    2012/2013 Midfielders Rumors Thread

    No, he is from Colombia.
  8. Intermania

    Mario Balotelli

    Well, he just cost City title race and help Mancini lose his job. Some people are helpless.
  9. Intermania

    Catania - Inter (9 Jan 11)

  10. Intermania

    Inter - Barcelona (20 Apr 10)
  11. Intermania

    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    Torino - AS Roma 3:1 Recoba scored two goals!
  12. Intermania

    AZ Alkmaar - Inter (11 Aug 07)

    our goal
  13. Intermania

    Man Utd - Inter (1 Aug 07)

    Score here
  14. Intermania

    Livorno - Inter (3 Mar 07)

    1:1 what a move by Ibra, magic