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  1. InterMilan31

    Inter Jerseys (Past & Current) ? Eurosport is the US soccer store that is pretty huge. I know it was top soccer store in America still maybe even though they barely advertise.....Its a great site with many Inter items for sale....not too great on sales though so don't sit on the site for good deals....
  2. InterMilan31 Siro store

    @forzainterUSA have you seen shipping to USA? It used to be almost the price of a shirt I don't know if it has changed??
  3. InterMilan31

    Diego Laxalt

    great signing great player those 10 minutes you played in America was amazing we will miss you m8
  4. InterMilan31

    Saphir Taïder

    we have the worst hair in football
  5. InterMilan31

    Tim Trophy

    Inter being replaced by Sassuolo yikes...
  6. InterMilan31

    Tim Trophy

    that was sarcasm.....
  7. InterMilan31

    Tim Trophy

    Can I make a Birra Moretti Trophy post?
  8. InterMilan31

    Copa Bridgestone Libertadores 2012/2013

    Is Tijuana still alive.....donkey shows FTW
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    New Investors

    Serie A side Inter Milan President Massimo Moratti has played down reports that "he is about to sell a majority stake in the club" to Indonesian businessman Erick Thohir, according to the AFP. Reports suggested that Moratti was pondering selling a majority stake in the club to Thohir, "a...
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    Inter Planning American Tour

    staying in NYC or jersey??
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    New Investors

    Yes they provide money and costs for DC United. In 2009 only 2 clubs reportedly had made profits (not DC United). The money issues they possibly could be having aren't anything close to what Inter is facing and also is probably in the "plan" anyways because MLS didn't believe any of their clubs...
  12. InterMilan31

    New Investors

    Anyone with any knowledge of MLS knows that the owners of MLS clubs are not really in control of transfers etc because of the regulations and caps in MLS. It shouldn't reflect their performance as an owner. However the priority for DC United since the founding of the club (which was successful...
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    New Investors

    those teeth....
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    New Investors

    shall we start taking bets on what the actual percentage is? I'll go with 11% he will finally buy
  15. InterMilan31

    New Investors
  16. InterMilan31

    International Champions Cup

    Two games for the price of one in MetLife works for me especially since Inter is for that $40 parking fee.....:(
  17. InterMilan31

    Major League Soccer

    NYC FC! .... As for attendance figures it is the 3rd most attended sport in America....HOWEVER some clubs fail to achieve a 70% average capacity average. The numbers are severely skewed as far as attendance goes. In order to judge MLS popularity you need to look at numerous factors most...
  18. InterMilan31

    Inter Planning American Tour

    CenturyLink would've been great but from what I heard since they have a US national team and Gold Cup match hosted there they aren't doing any friendlies or interested in them....Just a note on this "tournament" it was put together so last minute they are lucky to have the facilities they got up...
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    New Investors

    Owning an MLS team is a completely different beast than a european club for many reasons. As for the possibly loan agreements between the two clubs this is a fantasy it will never happen trust me ;) Furthermore the MLS system is that teams are allocated Foreign slots. Most clubs fill these...
  20. InterMilan31

    Post pics of your Inter collection

    Thought I'd post the two new things I've picked up over the past year. Inter training shirt is great for the gym!! Inter hoody is awesome although my chick steals it from me. I also got that design tattooed on my arm!