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  1. Aurel

    Sampdoria - Inter (30 Oct 16) [1-0]

    Let's see if we can go on a run and maybe I can go on a run as well with my openers. Simplistic openers seem to be key. When: 20:45 CET Where: Whatever Samp's stadium is called. It's somewhere around Genoa I'm sure.
  2. Aurel

    Inter - Torino (26 Oct 16) [2-1]

    Time: 20:45 CET Place: Guiseppe Meazza Stadium I'm despaired really, but let's hope we can get back to winning ways. Will maybe update the thread later, probably not.
  3. Aurel

    Inter - Empoli (7 May 16) [2-1]

    Since nobody did already, I decided, that someone has to, even if nobody cares. I'm on a undefeated 28472397403725 winning streak with match openings, so it's scientifically known, that we'll win, because it has a direct impact on the game. Now the Stuff nobody cares about: Location: Stadio...
  4. Aurel

    Inter - Sampdoria (20 Feb 16) [3-1]

    who care's about this anyway? 3:1 23' Danilo D'Ambrosio 1:0 57' Joao Miranda 2:0 73' Mauro Icardi 3:0 92' Fabio Quagliarella 3:1 Stadium: San Siro