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  1. looool

    Milan Škriniar

    Heard Skriniar has agreed personal agreement with PSG, now its up to INTER now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. looool

    Juventus - Inter (11 May 22) [Coppa Italia] [2-4]

    this one aged well
  3. looool

    Inter - Lazio (9 Jan 22) [2-1]

    a win and 3 points, that is what matters the most
  4. looool

    Inter - Juventus (24 Oct 21) [1-1]

    Due to the time difference, most likely I won't be able to watch this game.... 2:45 am man, this is way tooooooooo early for me to get up in a winter morning... Good luck guys, Forza Inter
  5. looool

    Inter's Financial Situation

    SUNING TO SELL INTER - Suning and PIF are discussing €1B transaction which includes Inter, new stadium and surrounding land. PIF wants to rival Qatar Investment Authority, owner of PSG HOLY SHIT
  6. looool

    Inter v Bari - 23/8/09

    this team looks awful, we are fucked this season
  7. looool

    Denzel Dumfries

    Done deal! he's one of ours !
  8. looool

    The Suning Commerce Group

    always easy to point finger at the past,as if you could predict the future. now, what's the best thing suning could do, genius?
  9. looool

    Romelu Lukaku

    if you blame zhang for selling Lukaku, and this leads you to ask him to leave Inter, then it's fairly unreasonable at all.
  10. looool

    Romelu Lukaku

    Nope, Morotta is maturer than you think boy
  11. looool

    Antonio Conte

    Holy moly, this is one of the most ridiculous posts I have seen in recent weeks. Without zhang's 712million investments from the past seasons, would we able to lift the trophy this season? I guess we would be still overran by Juven every fucking season til now. Inter needs to survive, their...
  12. looool

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Typically influenced by your media, I suggest you come down to China and visit the Country by yourself, talk to people, it's really not what you think.
  13. looool

    The Suning Commerce Group

    I see people being biased and attacking suning and CCP without solid evidence. Clearly, Suning has invested a lot in the past few years and it's the best owner since Massimo Moratti, notably one of the most dedicated owners to the club in history.
  14. looool

    Milan - Inter (21 Feb 21) [0-3]

    Eating, sleeping and watch inter beat off milan is the most 3 enjoyable thing to do
  15. looool

    Inter - Crotone (3 Jan 21) [6-2]

    A well-deserved win finally. Classic inter fans at 2-2: Relaxed and calm Young Inter fans at 2-2: Damn! Classic inter fans at 6-2: Damn! Young Inter fans at 6-2: Relaxed and calm
  16. looool

    Samir Handanovic

    Handa has been giving all he could in the past years, but we can't ignore the fact that he's getting old and start making silly mistakes. we must start looking for his sub
  17. looool

    Christian Eriksen

    I assume you were watching with eyes closed, clearly, E24 was one of the worst on the field, you check can stats and ratings
  18. looool

    Inter - Barcelona (10 Dec 19) [1-2]

    I dont see why people are complaining about out of the group, clearly first of all it's a group of death, secondly look at the mid-field injuries, we fought to the last min, it was enough.
  19. looool

    Famous Interisti

    China's current president, Mr.Xi JinPing is a famous fan of soccer, also I think he's likely a Nerrazurri too. because Inter is the first soccer team visited China from the international scene played with the Chinese national team, he was there to witness the match.
  20. looool

    Nicolò Barella

    This guy just continuously surprising me, he's getting better and better as time flows, I can see he will be with us for another 5 years at least