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    Italian Serie A 2020/2021

    So, if Lazio found guilty and Juve won against napoli, they will be only 3 points behind us!!!!!!
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    Romelu Lukaku

    He did not take a single right decision, he is lucky that Conte obsesses him and left him in the ground. Again his mistakes would have been costly for us.
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    Roberto Gagliardini

    He played all the matches since the restart except for the Napoli game, he must be exhausted and although he is not special but he is not catastrophic as well.
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    SPAL - Inter (16 Jul 20) [0-4]

    Lame first half, lautouro is going down every time and the ref is right to not give him fouls, we are suffering with any team that high press us, and we seem clueless, there was a corner in the first 15 minutes, that we kept passing backwards till Handa!!!!!. Erikson is far from the rest of...
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    Federico Bonazzoli

    he is doing great since restart, 3 vital great goals
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    Achraf Hakimi

    Bring back telles and we will be great again
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    Antonio Conte

    We were creating chances and so did Sassuolo, and sure Conte is responsible, we are talking about a pattern not an individual match, for the umpteenth time We failed to protect a lead Also he needs to kick Candreva's ass and make him pass instead of shooting, he should have passed to Lauturo...
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    Antonio Conte

    Another fuckup from this stubborn coach, it doesn't matter what's the situation, he will never change our game play even if it is not working, he keeps substituting one wing back with another, and one striker with another, hen needed to add one more midifeld player but no he must keep Lukaku in...
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    Napoli - Inter (13 Jun 20) (Coppa Italia) [1-1]

    Inter is streaming it on Facebook
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    Inter - Verona (9 Nov 19) [2-1]

    It is strange that this was the best Lukaku match for us, he was a focal point in the attack but his finishing was so bad, he is clearly exhausted though as well as Toro. Bastoni was great and I liked De Vrij making an attack move one after one. It was a nice gesture from the seniors to let...
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    Inter - Borussia Dortmund (23 Oct 19) [2-0]

    Dortmund do not try to press us when we have the ball in our half, it is like they are sure that we can not do anything good with the ball and they chose to wait for us. Without Sensi we lose our creativity and our wingbacks are shit and can do nothing against an organized team
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    Inter - Borussia Dortmund (23 Oct 19) [2-0]

    Stupid brozo as usual
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    Lautaro Martinez

    His agent clarified his comments with a much sensible one, this what Wanda will never think of or do.
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    Inter's Financial Situation

    It will only generate 10+ million euro next year, with other deals and UCL we will be able to hit 300+ revenues
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    Mauro Icardi

    45.16% of our goals scored by him, this is very interesting can not think of someone had such contribution to his team!! Immobile 34.11% Dybala 26.19% Quagliarella 34.54% Mertens 24.65% Dzeko 26.66% M. Salah 38.75% H.Kane 39.70% J.Vardy 34.69% L.Messi 37.07% Iago Aspas 36.36% Christian Stuani...
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    Luciano Spalletti

    Management shall extend his contract now, qualifying to UCL or not shall not decide his future with us, it is clearly we play much better football right now and he laid a very good foundation for the next season and it is up to management now not to fuck it up. Also he summed our season...
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    It is the same scenario I guess, his performances did not go unnoticed for sure, Barca could easily get a much better offer from an array of clubs.
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    Italian Serie A 2017/2018

    Yes, especially they're travelling to crotone next week, it could have given us the chance of only drawing against them if they draw agqinst Crotone.