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    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    im hoping for this : Handanovic Isla - Dragovic - Ranocchia - Juan Jesus Guarin - Nainggolan - Kovacic Palacio Belfodil - Icardi maybe milito instead of one of (belfodil-icardi) if one of them is not ready for inter yet
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    we should get him as a striker tbh :yao: Vice-Milito :trollol:
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    Funny Videos

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    Mauro Icardi

    Enough for me :D
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    FIF members meeting in Milano (February 22-24, Milan Derby)

    won't it be tricky to get tickets just a few days before the game from the hotel ? like it's a DERBY not like any other normal game .. im definitely going to the derby in February but i'm still not sure where to get the tickets from ... i saw milan's website selling tickets online for their...
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    Funny pictures!

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    Tickets to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

    can you please give me the link for Banca Popolare booking website ? it's all in italian and i cant seem to know where to go :P
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    Anyone know how to get Rojadirecta or other streaming sites to work on a tablet(iPad)

    Veetle .. if you see any links under the name : Veetle .. they should work on your ipad/ipod or just try to go to but they will most likely keep closing the channels for copyright infringement .. so better use a Sub-Link from other websites like : or or any...
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    FIF members meeting in Milano (February 22-24, Milan Derby)

    just a few days ago i saw Milan selling the 7/10 derby tickets online for fans not living in Italy ... why doesnt inter do the same ? it will be much easier , safer , and cheaper for everyone ..
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    Pay to watch all the inter games for whole season / per month

    Aljazeera Sport has to buy broadcasting rights in Europe and open lots of channels like they do in the Middle East .. they have the best coverage of Top leagues .. -Bundesliga and -Permier league 12 channels with 2 and soon to be 3 HD channels all for 100$ a year .. they really need to go...
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    FIF members meeting in Milano (February 22-24, Milan Derby)

    Great ! i know some reselling websites where fans sell their own tickets one is very known and reputable : others are : , , but it would definitely be cheaper to buy them directly from the Club or Banca popolare di...
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    FIF members meeting in Milano (February 22-24, Milan Derby)

    ^^ oh you're alive !!! welcome back :P .. having the same EPIC circumstances as you , as i said before i am definitely going to this derby but since its the first time for me to go to Milano it would be great to go as a group of Interisti from Kuwait if you would like !
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    Fantasy Serie A

    Numero Uno Bitchezzz :fuckyea:
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    The FIFA Thread

    Sneijdor_10 if anyone wants to play online .. getting better Internet connection in the next couple of days so im ready to start playing Online with no Lag issues :D
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    PC gaming

    Well yeah .. i just got into med school so there is no way im going back to Hardcore raiding and stuff ... i'm just looking for something to have fun at in my free time .. i started playing GW2 with some friends but i stopped at 21 :P whenever you die you feel like meh fuck this shit xD i...
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    FIF members meeting in Milano (February 22-24, Milan Derby)

    i am definitely going to this derby and it would be GREAT to go with fellow Interistis from FIF :) sign me up for this !!!!
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    PC gaming

    does anybody still play WoW here ? if so , are you planning to get the MoP Expansion ? i quit like 6 months ago but i might just get the Expansion to get to level 90 and then quit again >.< the last expansion was pretty boring ...
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    Marko Livaja

    i'm happy that Inter decided to keep Livaja and loan out Longo .. this guy is both Class and Mature and could serve as a Vice-Milito for this season with Palacio on the other hand Longo has class but lacks a bit of Maturity .. he will benefit alot from his loan to Espanyol and come back Ready...
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    Yuto Nagatomo

    Moratti would have never sacked strama if we lost that game ... Strama should be given the whole season .. it's only his first season as a 1st team Coach !
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    Yuto Nagatomo

    Nagatomo has always been SHIT defensively but he always impresses me when he goes forward with his Crosses and when he passes through defense and shoots .. but sadly he always opens up his side which causes problems for our defenders ... but Epic Volley yesterday :notbad: