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    Sampdoria - Inter (26 Sep 09)

    Sat, Sep 26 2009, 18:00 Sampdoria v Inter Up Next : Antonio Cassano's Sampdoria. Cassano will surely be charged up for this match to prove to JM that he deserves to be a B-I-G team like Inter. Another must-win match for us as Juve has got Bologna at home this weekend. Hope to see Sneijder...
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    This thread is about one particular player whom you think we can afford, can get in January and one who can be a matchwinner - specially in Europe. Despite all the money we spent in summer, 3 of the 4 are fringe players - (counting Jiminez) and Sulley Muntari, even though a fine, hard working...
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    Napoli - Inter (2 Mar 08)

    Week 26 fixture vs Napoli - currently 11th in the table. I think its time for Mancini to rest Cambiasso - also Maxwell may not be fit for this match - lets see. JC Maicon - Burdisso - Rivas - Chivu JZ - Maniche - Viera Figo Crespo - Suazo Also may be Jiminez to play a few mins in the 2nd...
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    Inter in Europe

    I am making a separate thread because I don’t want the Mancini - fanatics waving the Serie A statistics left-right-n-centre in this thread. This is about Inter in Europe. Period. For a club of our stature, fanbase, following, financial situations it is imperative to perform...
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    Season 2007/2008: Official Transfers

    We will only have official Inter transfers here in this thread and as usual, the thread will be closed. IN: Luis Figo (confirmed) Hernan Crespo (confirmed) David Suazo Cristian Chivu OUT: Pizarro (half co-ownership sold) Fabian Carini (contract expired) Lampros Choutos (contract expired)...
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    Copa America 2007

    The 42nd version of the Coppa will be held in Venezuela between 26th June and 15th July. So who are u rooting for? I guess Argentina wud be a popular choice ... lets c if the new coach recalls our Argentine battation. I hope this tournament does nt end up giving us injury headaches ahead of...
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    Defensive woes

    Altho this section is called "games and tactics" mostly match threads are opened here ... i opened dis one to discuss some tactics the concern that i want to share is about our defense. To say that they have not been brilliant in this later stages of the season wud be an understatement ... but...
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    Atalanta - Inter (20 May 07)

    2nd last match of this season ... big Q ->> will Vieri return to haunt us ???
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    New Section ???

    Can we have a seperate section for polls? Currently we have polls in individual threads ... but these polls become obsolete after a while and yet continues to be there (e.g. Mancini thread) So why not have a seperate section for polls? time bound polls, mentioning the situation and reason...
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    Share your knowledge

    Friendz i have been elected as the secretary of the quizzing community in my new colg. and next weekend we r going to organize a sports quiz ... i need your help. giv me sum good questions ... wid answers of course. :D any sports will do ...
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    Where are the moderators?

    i hv made several posts and apparently it has fallen to deaf ears ... so i decided 2 make a new topic. off late, there hv been a few users who r just spoiling the essence of our forum with their one-liners, which are basically typing as if u r chatting ... sum of them r newcomers, sum r...
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    In addition to the friendly with Spurs on 30th July, we r also going to play in the Amsterdam Tournament beginning 4th Aug ... which also has Porto & ManU in addition to the hosts, Ajax. from ... Inter confirmed for Amsterdam Internazionale have replaced Galatasaray in the...
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    Cagliari - Inter

    Last round of Serie A action this Sunday, away to Cagliari. Let this forgettable season finally come to end. And may this be the last match before Don Capello takes charge ... :D;)
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    Ascoli - Inter

    Nxt match ... away 2 Ascoli. I expect this to be a diff match as Ascoli r playing ok and r desperate for points to stave off relegation ... and doing a good job of it as well. Also depends on how midweek match goes in Europe. If we qualify, we may see a relaxed Inter which may struggle. But...
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    Villareal - Inter

    The 2nd leg of the Q/F, away 2 Villareal at the Estadio El Madrigal on Tuesday night. Just hope Figo and Favalli recovers and Cesar does not play ... hell i wud rather play Pizarro at LW than Cesar. BTW, Skysports says the stadium capacity is 14,500 ... that means a fairly small crowd.
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    Happy Birthday, Yuko!

    Happy Birthday to the "joke-king" of Forza Inter !!! :lol: have fun, enjoy and get us some new jokes ;)
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    Georgatos' claims...

    Georgatos in substance claim Former Internazionale defender Grigoris Georgatos claims to have seen team-mates at the Nerazzurri take illegal substances in the dressing room. In an interview with Greek newspaper Ethno Sport, Georgatos suggests that some of the players used forbidden substances...
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    Great posts

    I got this idea just a few seconds back, and lets see how u guys feel bout it. I think we need a keep a special thread for some of the outstanding posts of the members. Otherwise those gr8 posts get lost in the maze of thousands of other ones. A special thread dedicated to those gr8 words...
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    When are u gonna die?

    Dont get hyper with the name of the thread, actually it is a bit of fun. I was surfing round a couple of days back and came accross this site: which r predicting the date when u will die, by taking into consideration a few parameters. My predicted date of death is Dec 18,2080...
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    Pre Moratti Era

    Well i was reading about Jake's and Frisko's comments (in "Interview with Catanha" thread) about our previous president Pellegrini. I was not an Inter fan back in 1994 ... and without the internet it wud be diifcult for most people (outside Italy or Europe) to know what used to happen in those...