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  1. YoramG

    Napoli - Inter (5 Mar 20) [Coppa Italia]

    - Kick off: 20:45 CET - Inter's previous 5 games: WLLWW - Napoli's previous 5 games: WWWDW I thought maybe we could talk about something other than the shitshow happening today. Let's be honest, the first leg of this should have been a stone cold 0-0, and they got away with a classic...
  2. YoramG

    Udinese - Inter (2 Feb 20) [0-2]

    - Kick off: 20:45 CET - Inter's previous 5 games: DWDDW - Udinese's previous 5 games: WWLLL So, another game. Sanchez is almost guaranteed a start up front with Lukaku, with most likely Esposito getting some minutes. The other option is to start Lukaku alone up front with two of...
  3. YoramG

    Slavia Prague - Inter (27 Nov 19) [1-3]

    - Kick off: 21:00 CET - Inter's previous 5 games: WWLWW - Slavia’s previous 5 games: LWDWD Yet another must win for us, but they all feel like that recently. If we fail to get full points here we’re pretty much done, to the point where I’d rather field Primavera kids against Barca so we...
  4. YoramG

    Inter - Borussia Dortmund (23 Oct 19) [2-0]

    - Kick off: 21:00 CET - Inter's previous 5 games: WWLLW - BVB's previous 5 games: DDWDD Well, I'm at the San Siro for this one, so you all know who to blame when it all goes wrong. We're fairly 'ravaged' by injuries by our standards, with Sensi pretty much 100% out, D'Ambrosio chilling...
  5. YoramG

    Inter - Napoli (26 Dec 18) [1-0]

    - Kick off: 7:30 GMT - Inter's previous 5 games: DLDWD - Napoli's previous 5 games: WWDWW The eternal disappointment continues. On the bright side, there's a somewhat fit Nainggolan in the team, which is an absolute rarity these days. On the darker side, we're playing Napoli with a Milik...
  6. YoramG

    Inter - Udinese (15 Dec 18) [1-0]

    - Kick off: 17:00 GMT - Inter's previous 5 games: LWLDL - Udinese's previous 5 games: DLLWD After one lot of black and white tossers comes the next. Fully ready for De Paul to put in a superstar performance to bump up his price before January so we can't even afford him, never mind Barella...
  7. YoramG

    Inter - Frosinone (24 Nov 18) [3-0]

    - Kick off: 19:30 GMT - Inter's previous 5 games: WWWWL - Frosinone's previous 5 games: LDWDD Might be best to swiftly move on from that Atalanta game. Confirmation of no Brozovic thanks to his genius red card, probably for the best. He needs a rest and he's not going to get it during the...
  8. YoramG

    Inter - Juventus (28 Apr 18) [2-3]

    It’s your boy again. I hate these pathetic, cheating, fucks more than anything on the planet. Let’s ruin their season. 4th spot pls
  9. YoramG

    Chievo - Inter (22 Apr 18) [1-2]

    Alright, back by popular demand I guess. Let's all pray Gagliardini comes back and Eder continues in his best position, the bench. 4th spot pls
  10. YoramG

    Inter - Cagliari (17 Apr 18) [4-0]

    What's up, it's my first match opening, despite the feeling of hopelessness that has set in with everything that regards this team, I thought I'd try a twist on the old El Matador classic. 4th spot pls