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  1. Pimpin

    Best Mythical Players

    Ever wonder who is the best mythical player? Pre-head injury Chivu? Injury-free fat ronaldo? Non-Diving Neymar? pre-father death Adriano? Kovacic with a fixed position? Non-selfish Robben? 2 legged Ricky Alvarez? Messi with Iniesta-Xavi mf? Eredivisie Huntelar? no offside rule Inzaghi? Pandev...
  2. Pimpin

    Shkodran Mustafi

    As rumors are intensifying for him, with the latest rumors saying that he accepted a move and arsenal would be willing to agree on a loan with obligation to buy, I saw it reasonable to open his thread. He has my surname too, so yeah.
  3. Pimpin

    Happy Birthday Dyl

    Welcome to the age of greek gods, to the age of masters, the peak of human intellegence, athleticism sexual performance and most importantly alcohol endurance.
  4. Pimpin

    The Pimp fappening, 14 year old MVP

    The nudes are leaked, I repeat the little fucker released the nudes, not the shameful conversations though. There may be blackkmail involved. Best of all he didnt say who sent him the nudes, he is just sharing them, dude is like a fucking hero in his highschool right now. inb4itbackfires...
  5. Pimpin

    MotoGP aka fuck the Spanish cunts thread

    I still can't get over the fact how Marquez rode 20 laps under 1 second near Lorenzo and he never attacked, not even once - - - Updated - - - I thought casey stoner would come back, so never mind him
  6. Pimpin

    Bad Ip facebook

    How can i fix this shit is confusing its saying i have a bad ip and i cant connect to facebook
  7. Pimpin

    Palermo - Inter (24 Oct 15) [1-1]

    vs Palermo form in Serie A: L @ Milan 3-2 L vs Sassuolo 0-1 L @ torino 2-1 L @ Roma 2-4 W@ Bologna 0-1 Main threat from Palermo is Vazquez who has had a decent season sofar, even though he's without his striking partner Dybala. Blast from the past, memorable games vs palermo
  8. Pimpin


    Well I had second doubts if I should open this thread. I just hope it doesn't turn into a politicial shitstorm. In this thread we can talk about various economic views, methodologies from all type of schools. So to start the thread, i've been reading a lot of classical econ books, a bit...
  9. Pimpin

    Second Leagues and young striker development

    I was looking at Looking at the serie b top scoring players I saw SERIE B 1. Calaio E. 14 (33 years old) 1. Maniero R. 14 (27 years old) 3. Castaldo L. 13 (32 years old) 3. Granoche P.13 (31 years old) 3. Marchi E. 13 (29years old) 3. Mbakogu J. 13 (22 years old) 7. Vantaggiato D. 12...
  10. Pimpin

    this just happened

    a bitch texted me like this. bitch: hey me: hey bitch: I need something from u me: sure, what can i do bitch: i'm looking for a fwb me: full wing back? wtf are u playing football manager?
  11. Pimpin

    thinking about finishing uni a year earlier

    I am second year and im thinking taking 3 exams extra per semester to finish university a year earlier . So has anyone done this shit? Is it hard to maintain a high gpa ? ( i have it nearly perfect :slick: ) this semester i could take, financing ,advanced economics and marketing research
  12. Pimpin

    World Cup betting

    Im up 20 euros
  13. Pimpin

    Fernando Torres

    the myth the legend.. its just a jynx thread, keep this shit away from us
  14. Pimpin

    No shave November

    will anyone do no shave november this year? I will and will post pics every week. If yall do the same shit post in this thread and post updates everyweek
  15. Pimpin

    Udinese - Inter (03 Nov 13)

    this is mine bitches vs - - - Updated - - - pimpin quality :palm: let a mod edit this shit
  16. Pimpin

    Where does our club go wrong with young "star players"?

    Almost every year we buy players that are rated very highly rated by scouts and the media, but more often than not, they turn out to be average at best. While other clubs like Barca , Man Utd and others , find talent , but more often than not they turn out to be good, to world class. While I was...
  17. Pimpin

    Happy Easter.

    happy holiday to all fif mofos who are orthodox . I wan't some eggs :work: , not that type of eggs :disgustedyao:
  18. Pimpin

    Interview with Coasterfreak

    Interview with Coasterfreak Name? Age? Where do you live? What do you do for a living? (Work/studies) Has Uni been breastfeed or not? throat fucking or gagging? Who is the most twisted here at the Fucking Insane Forum? Name 5 members of Fif you'd want to go to a bar, and get pissdrunk...
  19. Pimpin

    If you had a chance to be born again..

    What nationality would you like to have (after yours ofcourse..) for me , it has to be IRISH . God damn , I just love irish people , their culture, their awesomeness . :proud:
  20. Pimpin

    Zdravko Kuzmanovic

    Looks like its a done deal WELCOME Zdravko Kuzmanovic