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    Inter - Napoli (4 Jan 23)

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    Preseason 22/23

    Self explanatory. Post all discussion about preseason training, friendlies, photos of Dalbert at Appiano here. Speaking of, when does preseason even begin?
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    Interview with YoramG

    Hello, "friends". Due to overwhelming demand, we are reviving this section, starting with YoramG! Each week or so, I will be selecting one of our "valued" members to interview, so stay tuned :) It just might be you next! (P.S. It won't be you) With no further ado.. 1) wtf is a "Yoram"...
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    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    HAKAN CALHANOGLU JOINS INTER The Turkish midfielder has signed a deal with the Nerazzurri lasting until 30 June 2024 22/06/2021 MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano can confirm that Hakan Çalhanoğlu has joined the Nerazzurri. The 27-year-old midfielder has signed a deal with the Club lasting until...
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    Lazio - Inter (16 Feb 20) [2-1]

    I am gloriously unbeaten when opening match threads. Some haters would suggest that I've padded my record by opening safe match threads against shit teams :lala: but this is completely untrue :einstein: Anyway, let the gaymes begin. I predict we'll either win relatively comfortably, or we'll...
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    Inter - Parma (26 Oct 19) [2-2]

    Shiiiiiiiet the last match thread I opened was Empoli v Inter 2015 :yao: We drew 0-0 :yao: I expect the midfield trio to remain the same. With Vecino and of course Sensi injured, we don't have a choice. Wouldn't be surprised to see Bastoni or Biraghi get a start either. Anyway, it's time...
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    Empoli - Inter (17 Jan 15) [0-0]

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    Hellas Verona - Inter (15 Mar 14)

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    Charlie say..

    So I know this old Interista named Charlie, even older than I4E. He was at the Meazza in 1965 when we defeated Benfica in the Champions Cup, he played against Capello's Juventus side with his amateur Malta team in a pre-season friendly in the 70's. He owns a burger shop in a shopping mall not...
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    Inter - Tottenham (14 Mar 13)

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    Inter - Milan (24 Feb 13)

    I'm committing forum suicide by creating this thread. Putting my shitty winning streak to its inevitable end. Death before dishonor. (Kill yourself Strama)
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    Happy birthday faggots

    I mean new year
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    Antonio Cassano

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    Grazie Michael!

    Michael, thanks for your tireless enthusiasm, passion and time spent translating articles to bring us news. Your work is always, much, much, much appreciated. A sincere thank you.
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    Pescara - Inter (26 Aug 12)

    - Somewhere.. some time.. somehow
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    Interview with I4E

    Hello :pazzini: 1. What is your name? 2. When were you born? 3. What do you currently do (job/profession etc) ? 4. Who is your daddy and what does he do? 5. Whereabouts do you currently reside in Aus? Are you in Melbo's like those gay doods anon and raul duek? Are you in Sydno's like straight...
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    It's Diablo time!

    Seeya fgts, it's Diablo time!
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    Inter - Genoa (1 Apr 12)

    Fuck you.
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    Where the fuck

    is Suneet? and to a lesser extent, Raul Onion and Choppin Dukes, because I see them lurking about sometimes.
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