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    European Super League Discussion

    Football, UFC and Game of Thrones in same package? Yes please! And own league table and 24/7 tv coverage of the hooligan groups. Combined points from the football team and the hooligan team gives you the coveted prize money. No need for trophies or anything like that, because if you win too many...
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    Nicknames for the players, coaches, managers and others.

    Romelu "Brehme's Honeybunny" Lukaku
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    Lazio - Inter (4 Oct 20) [1-1]

    Referee was atrocious. And red card for Sensi? Unbelievable. Patric is such a douche.
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    Matteo Politano

    Maybe they found out something in the medicals and wanted a less risky deal. Thats why there are medicals and I'm glad they tried to re-negotiate and backed off when good deal wasn't possible.
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    Ionuț Andrei Radu

    Hopefully they can find him new long term option as a starter. Handa still have 1-2 years in him after this season I think.
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    Ionuț Andrei Radu

    Any news about staying in Genoa, new loan or coming to Inter?
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    Inter - SPAL (1 Dec 19) [2-1]

    Horrible second half. This team just can't handle the lead most of the time.
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    General Primavera Discussion

    Yeah, you might be right. I'm usually too optimistic with youth (and senior) players.
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    General Primavera Discussion

    Could Pirola be vice Bastoni next season? (I assume/hope that Bastoni will take the LCB spot) I only know that he is left-footed CB, but he must have some talent because he plays in Youth Italy. Might be too young next season, but summer with Conte could benefit him alot. Easy/secure minutes to...
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Well said. Been lurking here years but this Lukaku-Icardi debate is ridiculous. Lukaku is great player and it is his first year in Serie A, give him time. He is also team player.
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    Antonio Conte

    Well, Conte trusts Vecino more in these situations. Inter played bad and Conte also didn't want to give Esposito a Lazaro treatment.
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    Antonio Conte

    I think Conte had planned to use Esposito in the end, but the team shat in the pants, so Conte had to change Vecino in.
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    Valentino Lazaro

    Give him a start, that will give him confidence.