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  1. Jimmy Page

    Antonio Cassano

    Well he got sold back to Genoa and plays in Chievo, so its more like "meanwhile in a Verona place"
  2. Jimmy Page

    Antonio Cassano

    Well he had weight issues during his time at RM aswell.
  3. Jimmy Page

    Antonio Cassano

    I dont understand how you can have weight issue when you are professional footballer. I mean the man have to eat an enormous amout of food
  4. Jimmy Page

    John Carew

    Omg Im actually laughing out laud! Pure comedy gold!
  5. Jimmy Page

    Ricardo Alvarez

    Seems alot faster, weird
  6. Jimmy Page

    Inter - Milan (24 Feb 13)

    Any news about the attendence? Is it going to be a full house?
  7. Jimmy Page

    Mario Balotelli

    Those qoutes arent real though. From a fake Balotelli twitter acount
  8. Jimmy Page

    Andrea Stramaccioni

    He cant organize for shit, his biggest flaw tbh
  9. Jimmy Page

    Andrea Stramaccioni

    Oh but I went there.
  10. Jimmy Page

    Andrea Stramaccioni

    If people want more structure to their team, Walter Mazzarri isnt your man. I personaly think he is hughley overrated, the Arry Redknapp of italy
  11. Jimmy Page

    Mateo Kovačić

    You mean "16" right?
  12. Jimmy Page

    Alvaro Pereira

    Please Silvestre and Jonathan are Xavi and Iniesta compared to Alvaro
  13. Jimmy Page

    Alvaro Pereira

    He honestly looks like the dumbest player Ive ever seen. Never looks up and just clears to ball as soon as possible
  14. Jimmy Page

    Antonio Cassano

    How about his weight?
  15. Jimmy Page

    Antonio Cassano

    Its CDS, a general rule is that you dont trust them when it comes to news about the Milano teams
  16. Jimmy Page

    Antonio Cassano

    Could be that his pretty fat. During his Sampdoria days he was much leaner and better at beating his man
  17. Jimmy Page

    2012/2013 Forwards Rumors Thread

    From the little Ive seen from him is that he isnt really a target player. He is more in the mould of Milito but maybe not as a good in terms of movement. But than again Ive seen him play like 3 games so
  18. Jimmy Page

    Inter - Chievo (10 Feb 13)

    So you are ready to change your mind after one game? Cool
  19. Jimmy Page


    More like a young Michael Baldwin
  20. Jimmy Page

    Italian Serie A 2012/2013

    Inter should consider signing Diamanti...I just love the guy