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  1. Sabotage

    Inter - Salernitana (4 Mar 22) [5-0]

    so no matchday thread for Liverpool-Inter? are we that hopeless?
  2. Sabotage

    Alessandro Bastoni

    the way he landed can't be an easy injury, hope he recovers soon we need him against Liverpool
  3. Sabotage

    Inter Streams

    actually there's an English commentator if you choose the Englihs stream, also free for our region
  4. Sabotage

    Inter Streams

    guys, Serie A games are free on youtube if you have a decent vpn, just change region to Middle East
  5. Sabotage

    FIF's dramatic last day of the mercato thread: winter 2022

    true that, they've started establishing a good core to build around next seasons, our management should respond to it accordingly
  6. Sabotage

    FIF's dramatic last day of the mercato thread: winter 2022

    because there are 18 other teams in the league, you can't expect them to maintain their motivation against every single one of those teams to get 45 points in 15 matches, on the other hand we might have lost a couple of matches here and there but ended up on top because of depth amongst other...
  7. Sabotage

    FIF's dramatic last day of the mercato thread: winter 2022

    so Juve squad is atm: Szczezny Danilo - De Ligt - Bonucci - Sandro Cuadrado - Lucatelli - Zakaria - McKennie Vlahovic - Morata Subs: Pinsoglio - Perin (injured) Pelligrini - Chiellini - Rugani - De Scilgio Arthur - Rabiot - Bernardeschi Dybala - Kean - Jorge sounds poor on paper, lacks quality...
  8. Sabotage

    Robin Gosens

    10/10 for HIMYM reference
  9. Sabotage

    Robin Gosens

    he has some incredible ability to score or control from awkward stances, the hype is real
  10. Sabotage

    Inter - Juventus (12 Jan 22) Supercoppa [2-1]

    guys, if you have a decent VPN change the location to Middle East, it's free on YouTube in ME region
  11. Sabotage

    Which former players feel like "fever dreams" to you?

    basically all banter era onwards were like fever dreams, I can't even believe that Rafinha and Cancelo were actually here
  12. Sabotage

    How do you guys seriously stay loyal to Inter

    well, it started back in 2000, I followed a bunch of football clubs since we didn't have a single TV channel in Iraq that broadcasts club matches regularly, thanks to a highschool friend he introduced me to the Calcio he was a die hard Lazio supporter, I even had a special TV antenna that gets...
  13. Sabotage

    Milan - Inter (7 Nov 21) [1-1]

    3-1 for Milan Ibra brace and Leao one ours is scored by Dzeko here, I've called it first but really wanna be wrong
  14. Sabotage

    Mauro Icardi

    people are getting more offended than they should be nowadays
  15. Sabotage

    Ivan Perišić

    when there's a party in Milan Skriniar's house but you weren't sure which Milan was it
  16. Sabotage

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Back to Hakan I really can't see why he cannot play behind a striker, with Sensi & Alexis out and Argentos unavailable for 90 mns and Satriano is a gamble I mean he played in Milan in that position, if Sensi can do it Hakan should do it better I guess
  17. Sabotage

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    with fraud players yeah, he will be sacked once we're out of qualifiers and nothing will fix it without an overhaul to the whole system starting from the ministry all the way down to amateur leagues
  18. Sabotage

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Sign me up for whatever shit against the retards in Iraq's NT nowadays, we only had a good generation back in 2007 and won the Asian cup but that's it
  19. Sabotage

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    ahh cmon our NT is shit, not even worthy to play FIFA or PES
  20. Sabotage

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    we have a great history in developing mid-table team players, let's hope Hakan follows the trend