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  1. INTER Curva Nord

    Inter - Bologna (9 Nov 22) [6-1]

    It's Inter lol.. PAZZA INTER 🤪
  2. INTER Curva Nord

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Send them all off 😆 🤣
  3. INTER Curva Nord

    Federico Dimarco

    What's even more worrying was the introduction of Bellanova.. Thought he was R9 trying to do skills and then when he landed on his backside he was scared to touch the ball.. Even the supporters were like CROSS THE BALL.. No where near a good back up for our right side on that evidence..
  4. INTER Curva Nord

    André Onana

    Also remember when in 2003 I think Quarter Finals Champions League and Toldo went mad at Dibiagio and grabbed him by the neck lol..
  5. INTER Curva Nord

    UEFA Europa League 2022/2023

    Lets see if Jose finds a way as he usually does.. Last year Roma were so bad in Europe but somehow they end up winning the Conference..
  6. INTER Curva Nord

    André Onana

    Handanovic would have made sure we went in at half time 5 - 0 down.. Onana needs to become our number 1 keeper now..
  7. INTER Curva Nord

    Inter - Bayern Munich (7 Sep 22) [0-2]

    3 games lost in our first 6 matches.. Looking at our team we have nobody who can actually take people on.. We have been so bad this season in even passing out from the back.. Inzaghi will stay on as coach even if we end up in Europa because Suning know they won't get another coach who will nod...