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  1. Brancazinho

    Edin Dzeko

    To be honest I don't think this is a bad deal. Dzeko is an ideal stop gap replacement until we sign a true replacement for Lukaku. There is just no time to properly scout and negotiate for a properly long terme replacement. This is nothing like Nainggolan who costed us more than 30 m€ in...
  2. Brancazinho

    Luciano Spalletti

    You are only seeing what you want to see. Yes, Spalletti fucked up against PSV but then you have to give him credit for being in a position where we had a chance to qualify against Barça and the future CL finalist. We held our own against both barça and Tottenham, that is no small feat. To me...
  3. Brancazinho

    Luciano Spalletti

    I agree with you there. Spalletti isn't as bad as people make him out to be. He has his flaws, mainly: -Lack of balls which costed us the CL exit, but anyone thinking that 2nd place was expected from Inter is delusional. -Doesn't trust youngsters -Isn't that great at managing locker room...
  4. Brancazinho

    Inter's Financial Situation

    This would had been true a few years back, but since the central banks distorted the markets 5% isn't bad at all for a club like Inter. Junk bonds with companies in a way worse state than Inter are going for mid 5% for christ sake and for 10+ years. Plus Inter has a cash stream relatively easy...
  5. Brancazinho

    The FIFA Thread

    I just added you - - - Updated - - - Sent you a request
  6. Brancazinho

    The FIFA Thread

    Been playing since 4 days and I absolutely hate the new corner system. Other than that I find the game too slow, I'm coming from Fifa 14. Add me on Origin vador02
  7. Brancazinho

    Italian Serie A 2015/2016

  8. Brancazinho

    Roberto Soriano

    Sacrificing Ljajic for Soriano would be retarded. We lack creativity upfront and Ljajic is the only player who can bring it in this team. In today's market I don't see a player for less than 25m who I will be comfortable replacing Ljajic with. Not to mention I don't rate Soriano that highly...
  9. Brancazinho

    Roma - Inter (19 Mar 16) [1-1]

    It will be interesting to see if we have learned our lesson against Milan. Wether or not our midfield gets overrun depends on the tactics and how Perisic Ljajic and Biabiany have been instructed to play.
  10. Brancazinho

    Your Major?

    Sorry about the late reply. You do the double degrees (in France or with a foreign school) while doing the Grande Ecole programme. As a result, it tends to add 1 more year to your curriculum. My advice is that if you're thinking about a PhD, then the Grande Ecole is not useful. You can go...
  11. Brancazinho

    Your Major?

    About Telecom Paristech it's a very good school. In France there are the three very big schoools (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Centrale and Mines de Paris). Just Below them are Ponts et chaussées and Telecom Paristech. About the tracks, the Grande Ecole program is by far the most rewarding. If...
  12. Brancazinho

    Your Major?

    I don't have a real major I would say, but in France the thing that really matters is which school you're coming from. I graduated in Engineering (an engineer degree, it would be equivalent to a Master's degree in Engineering) from "Ecole Centrale" and didn't want to stay the last year to get...
  13. Brancazinho

    Torino - Inter (8 Nov 15) [0-1]

    Fuck mancini tbh :pokerface:
  14. Brancazinho

    Inter - Juventus (18 Oct 15) [0-0]

    You know your midfield is shit when Melo is the most creative midfielder
  15. Brancazinho

    Chievo - Inter (20 Sep 15) [0-1]

    Formation is different than tactics. We can't know just yet how he'll play on the field. Maybe he'll leave the hole and drift on the side to stretch the defense
  16. Brancazinho

    Juan Jesus

    From the rumours I heard he lost his mum from an infractus, but I don't have anything solid to post here. I will let someone confirm it
  17. Brancazinho

    Jeison Murillo

    Did someone kill kenny :pokerface: ?
  18. Brancazinho

    Marcelo Brozovic

    This is a retarded move from the management to be honest. We shouldn't be taking this much risk (8m) for a player who haven't proved anything at the top level. We can have players like Schar (not the same position though), Gonalons who are way more proven and will not cost much more. I read...
  19. Brancazinho

    Tino-Sven Susic

    The fax machine is broken :pokerface: . But don't worry we are loaning one with the obligation to buy in the summer
  20. Brancazinho

    Empoli - Inter (17 Jan 15) [0-0]

    If kova was rested because of the copa, I hope we lose and focus on Serie A and El. We don't have the depth to take seriously three competitions right now. The most important is that third spot.