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    Roberto Mancini

    What happened after the Liverpool game was unforgivable. Moratti just tried to pick up the pieces Mancini left behind that evening. Was it the right way ? Sacking Mancini right away might have turned out bad as well. Mancini should take it like a man and accept the responsabilty for the mistake...
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    Lazio - Inter (Coppa Italia) (7 May 08)

    The visit to the pope was announced at the Inter website a couple of days ago and it was in Gazetta as well
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    Lazio - Inter (Coppa Italia) (7 May 08)

    I think they just join the team for the team spirit. That's why Ibra isn't there :D, the only Inter player who stays behind ... :D Or ... is it because they visit the pope ... and maybe Ibra doesn't really care or he isn't catholic at all ... aaaaaaaaaaaah that's probably it
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    Totally agree with you Intersita nr. 1 I don't know if it's a coincidence or not buit since december it has been chaos. I wondered how we have managed to won some of the games. I really don't know what is going on with Inter. I just hope we can manage it until the end.
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    Inter - Liverpool (11 Mar 08)

    Mancini denied Figo refused to play. He was told to come in but Mancini changed his mind after the red card and goal.
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    Inter - Liverpool (11 Mar 08)

    I'm confuesed about the Figo thing. So he isn't good enough for Mancini to start but good enough to score 4 times the last 20 minutes ? Did Mancini say something about it ? He isn't man enough to say he was wrong ? He's blaming Figo ? The joke of the year.
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    Maybe Figo should have chosen AC Milan. At least their fans have more respect for the older players. Give me Figo on the bench instead of Solari, Jimenez or any other player anytime.
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    I read he should be back next sunday.
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    WHO stop TB welcomes Luis Figo as ambassador Video : Article : Link :
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    Inter - Juventus (Coppa Italia) (23 Jan 08)

    Imagine it would be Figo's first game after getting injured in the match against ... yes Juve .
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    Your favourite players and why

    FIGO FIGO FIGO FIGO FIGO Because he's so damn sexy ... and also because he's still a very good player at his age, maybe slower (but you're not just a good player if your fast, it needs much more) but his technique is still superb and his passes precise. And his so modest.
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    Inter accept Dubai challenge

    Ok Jimenez scored a goal. The rest of the game he lost the ball and gave wrong passes. Great player my ass.
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    It's just a stupid january rumour. Figo already denied it on mediaset. Case closed.
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    I hope his injury is not too bad. I read somewhere he would only miss 2 games, CSKA and Lazio. After that there is a two week international break. Hope Deki will be back wednesday.
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    Do you even watch the games ? . Everybody who knows something about football is impressed by the way Figo plays nowadays (read the news) and you are telling it's not true ? Trying to be interesting are we ?
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    Juventus - Inter (4 Nov 07)

    We are going to kick some Juve ass tonight just like we did with Roma. 1-3 will be the score !
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    Guests & members

    [I don't really want to create unsubstantial posts just to get the number up. Is there another option, or do I have to create 30 posts in the German Bundesliga thread :P Same problem with me.
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    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    Happy birthday !
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    Adriano "l'Imperatore" Leite Ribeiro

    Adri hasn't been behaving like a professional for at least two years. Maybe this season he's trying to become the imperor again. But it's not because Adri says he wille try it's like that in reality. If the other four strikers are working hard and behave professionally it really wouldn't be fair...