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  1. shibaprasad

    Palermo - Inter (24 Oct 15) [1-1]

    Kondogbia should play at any cost today. Forza Inter! - - - Updated - - - Absolutely. Must win game at any cost. A win will pump in the lost confidence in the players. High time for Icardi to step up.
  2. shibaprasad

    Mateo Kovačić

    Roberto Carlos, Bergkamp, Cannavaro, Pirlo, Coutinho........ Hope Kovacic won't be the next name in this list!
  3. shibaprasad

    Inter Matches - The Pictures

    If you guys like phone lock screen wallpapers then must give a try to @ifootypic on twitter. Class account. Shares Inter's pics too.
  4. shibaprasad

    2014/2015 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Mbia for free will be a great buy IMO. Let's see how far we can proceed. :troll:
  5. shibaprasad

    Nemanja Vidic

    Welcome to Inter Vidic! You are now one of us! Forza Inter Per Sempre!
  6. shibaprasad

    2014/2015 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Mbia I would like this guy in Nerazzurri shirt! He has the potentiality to do us favour in Serie A! :datass:
  7. shibaprasad

    Inter - Sampdoria (1 Dec 13)

    Gds probable line up: 3-5-1-1 Handanovic, Campagnaro, Ranocchia, Juan Jesús, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Alvarez, Taider, Jonathan, Guarin, Palacio I want Mazzarri to give Playing Time To Our Golden Boy Kovacic
  8. shibaprasad

    2013/2014 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Gds - Thohir has decided he wants a powerful striker as his first signing TS- Inter's favourite singing remains Pablo Osvaldo but Lavezzi could be second choice Osvaldo coming? Your Thought Mates
  9. shibaprasad

    2013/2014 Forwards Rumours Thread

    I know It is the same feeling of all Interisti but now it hurts me very very much being not Be Linked with Any Big Stars. Hope In The Upcoming window any big star will join us. Just Saw a rumor that Benzema could Join us. It will be very much delighted If he would join us. FORZA INTER FOREVER...
  10. shibaprasad

    Atalanta - Inter (29 Oct 13)

    I think We Should Ground Kova I would like the 1st 11 if we would give chance to our 2nd GK instead of Hando I know hando is just a class act but Still Pazzi is also playng quite well The Other 1o should be like this Jesus Rano Samuel Nagatomo Kovacic Cuchu Johnny Icardi ( would love if this...
  11. shibaprasad

    Inter - Roma (5 Oct 13)

    Just read the three news papers GDS CDS and Tuttosports in a Website Today our three Nerazzurri Players have their Saying on the tabloids, Updating their Quotes before the roma match in My Next Post. - - - Updated - - - GDS- Guarin- “If I score I won’t stop. Yes, it’s true I haven’t scored...
  12. shibaprasad

    New Investors

    Look my Friends, I also want Our Beloved team to be boosted up Financially. The recent news I am getting is that There will not be only one owner Erick Thoir but a Group of Indonesian Tycons will buy Inter among them Thoir will have the majority of 30% I Myself is pretty much optimistic about...
  13. shibaprasad

    Inter - Roma (5 Oct 13)

    Are You Talking To Me Mate?
  14. shibaprasad

    Mateo Kovačić

    It would Be Too early to Give Him Marks. But the glimpse of His Touches impressed me very much. To define his talent In One Word the Line Should Be- God Gifted Talent. Really a rare talent not only in Inter but in the whole Serie A. The Thing Which I want heartily is the Playtime. He needs more...
  15. shibaprasad

    UEFA Champions League 2013/2014

    To Be Honest I do not follow UCl after Inter were relegated. It is very much painful not to see your favorite team in UCL and to watch ucl without Inter is like body without soul, so I left following it.
  16. shibaprasad

    Inter - Roma (5 Oct 13)

    Heartily Waiting To See our Lads Make Us Proud. After Rubentus game It Is Our Real Test, Hopefully We will Be victorious. Palacio and Alvarez in the front and I personally think we should start with Mateo. Whats about you guys?
  17. shibaprasad

    Mauro Icardi

    He IS Very Much Talented and a La Masia product. No 10. At a tender age like he is currently I am Pretty Much Hopeful that He Will Become One Of The Legends of Inter. Though It Is too early to state but Lets Hope For The Best. Forza Inter. :)
  18. shibaprasad

    Hi Everyone, I Am From India

    Greeting all My Interisti brothers and sisters. Nice to join this forum. Everywhere In This Forum Is Black and Blue. I am a die Hard Inter Fanatic. Only 17 years of age and supporting Inter Since 2009. Spent many sleepless nights for Inter. Love My Club Very Much. Forza Inter Inter Per Sempre.