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  1. RichDAS

    Inter - Liverpool (16 Feb 22) [0-2]

    This is pretty much tie put to rest. Well played Liverpool. Well done Standanovic
  2. RichDAS

    Shakhtar - Inter (28 Sep 21) [0-0]

    Who here is looking forward to another season in the EUROPA? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  3. RichDAS

    Final: Italy - England

    It'll come the day they lose their arrogance.. I mean, I for sure wouldn't put money on it
  4. RichDAS

    Semi-finals: Italy - Spain

    Calcio's Coming Rome!
  5. RichDAS

    Semi-finals: Italy - Spain

    Gotta find a live stream to the game. Anyone have a link!?
  6. RichDAS

    Juventus - Inter (15 May 21) [3-2]

    Cheaters gona cheat. Napoli and Milan best put the spinsters into Europa.
  7. RichDAS

    Campioni d'Italia 2020/2021

    Well done to everyone sticking through the winless years. Let's make this decade opposite to the previous one.. full of trophies and championships! Forza Inter! Forza FIF! And Forza to everyone of you black and blue champions!
  8. RichDAS

    The Suning Commerce Group

    That's fair. I just wanted to call out the BS when I saw it
  9. RichDAS

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Yeah, actually a lot of people here do support the CCP, and turn a blind eye to the more recent controversial events. Many support the takeover of Hong Kong, majority believe they should take Taiwan, majority believe the South China Sea belongs to them, and majority believe it is in their...
  10. RichDAS

    Cagliari - Inter (13 Dec 20) [1-3]

    It seems Conte will not resign and instead opt for the club firing him thus getting paid for the rest of his contract?
  11. RichDAS

    Inter - Shakhtar (9 Dec 20) [0-0]

    Choker Milan
  12. RichDAS

    Inter - Shakhtar (9 Dec 20) [0-0]

    Didn't I tell you guys we'd mess it all up? It was so predictable. We've seen the same outcome over and over again, and yet the majority here reply "Forza Inter!", or "We can still do it!" We are chokers. We don't go through to the knock-outs. We've seen it countless times. The more you...
  13. RichDAS

    Mönchengladbach - Inter (1 Dec 20) [2-3]

    I am way too familiar with this situation, and it is hilarious every single time. Anyway, Shaktar beats Inter. Inter knocked out.
  14. RichDAS

    Sassuolo - Inter (28 Nov 20) [0-3]

    So we need one more to avoid a draw and secure the win?
  15. RichDAS

    Inter - Torino (22 Nov 20) [4-2]

    A draw or loss here will determine the outcome of the next several matches for worse. A draw or loss and the team is back to what they were before the break. A win keeps us optimistic with renewed confidence.
  16. RichDAS

    Real Madrid - Inter (3 Nov 20) [3-2]

    This result shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone tbh
  17. RichDAS

    Real Madrid - Inter (3 Nov 20) [3-2]

    Well lads, looks like we're at that point once again to say good bye to the Champions League. Always next year, right?
  18. RichDAS

    Inter - Parma (31 Oct 20) [2-2]

    This Real Madrid match will really determine where the team goes from that point. A loss to Real Madrid and we'll likely be dropping out the CL and continue this dreadful form
  19. RichDAS

    Shahktar - Inter (27 Oct 20) [0-0]

    Real Madrird score 2 in the last minutes lol
  20. RichDAS

    Shahktar - Inter (27 Oct 20) [0-0]

    This is gold! No excuses to not get through the group stages but we'll do it anyway!