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  1. rsz85

    FIF's dramatic last day of the mercato thread: summer 2021

    adn we are wondering why Arsenal is 20th :D :D :lol:
  2. rsz85

    Sampdoria - Inter (12 Sep 21) [2-2]

    because of the lot of travel ar any restriction on COVID redzone countries? because if its latter, Inter-RM is affected as well, and we're fucked.
  3. rsz85

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    and it wasnt reguar because of the wall.
  4. rsz85

    Marcus Thuram

    a French Perisic. no thanks
  5. rsz85

    2021/2022 Forwards Rumours Thread

    exactly. all this hipersuper crazy skils videos are shit. nothing extra. JM 2.0 ( just in the attacking dep.)
  6. rsz85

    2021/2022 Forwards Rumours Thread

    please no thuram, limited, even seems a bit slow and his dribbling is accidental. even numbers are not so convincing (price+delivering)
  7. rsz85

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    His biggest dream was to play in Meazza. :D
  8. rsz85

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Inter sell him to some mediocre PL or Bundesliga team?
  9. rsz85

    Inter - Sassuolo (7 Apr 21) [2-1]

    team's form was quite low in the recent matches, started after milan and genoa 3-0 wins. OK, we won, but gameplay was shit.
  10. rsz85

    2020/2021 Goalkeepers Rumours Thread

    Im pretty sure that the 10 million figure is not the wage but the transfer fee we offered to RBL. it makes no sense to offer such a huge salary in a situation we currently are in. Even 5 million would be huge.
  11. rsz85

    Milan Škriniar

    Fucking conte! if we sell Skriniar, i bet he will play for rubentus 2021-2022..... they will need CBs seeing the age of bonucci and chiellini....
  12. rsz85

    Arturo Vidal

    not bad, but minutes as sub can imprrove this stats.
  13. rsz85

    Inter - Ludogorets (27 Feb 20) [2-1]

  14. rsz85

    FIF's Dramatic last day of the Mercato - Winter 2020

    John Carew is just flying for the medical, i heard.
  15. rsz85

    Leonardo Spinazzola

    IF the swap will be made on a 25 million evaluation, that would mean a good 7-8 million capital gain on Politano. There is not a big difference in annual amortisation cost and in wages, so financially it's a really good move. and on the pitch, as well.
  16. rsz85

    Ionuț Andrei Radu

    Just simply loan him to another Serie A team. or even better sell him. i highly doubt he will be our new no1 after Handa.
  17. rsz85

    2019/2020 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Wage can be lower now, because of less competition. Summer-wage can be super inflated when big guys PSG MU Real can step in. (+heavy agent fees, signing-on-fees will be paid that time, also, even it's "free" signing)
  18. rsz85

    UEFA Europa League 2019/2020

    Their first game will be febr 26 so just before derby d'italia. 2nd leg will be 03.17.
  19. rsz85

    UEFA Europa League 2019/2020

    we must field complete sub team vs the Bulgarians seeing our schedule: febr. 9 Inter-Milan febr. 16 Lazio-Inter febr 20. EL febr. 23 Inter-Samp febr. 27. EL March 1. Juventus-Inter
  20. rsz85

    Radja Nainggolan