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    Milan - Inter (20 Nov 16)

    Where do you take your optimism from? I expect a loss, but I wish and cheer for a demolishing win :fuckyea:
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    Inter - Crotone (6 Nov 16) [3-0]

    I want a clean sheet against Crotone :challenge:
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    The Suning Commerce Group

    While it's indeed good to take time to evaluate all options and not blindly follow what some guy thinks and says, it would've been nevertheless better had they thought about possible replacements before actually letting go of Frank.
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    Southampton - Inter (3 Nov 16) [2-1]

    Well said. Jovetic and Perisic were benched most of the time this season, while D'Ambrosio and Nagatomo got to play because reasons. Anyone remember Maicon and Il capitano? But this is what he have now...
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    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Herrera's grande Inter that gave us 2 European Cups had lots of 1-0s and other results with 1 goal difference. Being unbreakable in defense can absolutely give you an identity and be a philosophy.
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    Atalanta - Inter (23 Oct 16) [2-1]

    I forgot why some little hope sparked after our Juve match. It's all gone now anyways. It's been years and all we talk about is a project this and that and let it grow but there just is no consistency, plan or direction visible.
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    Empoli - Inter (21 Sep 16) [0-2]

    Curious to see how we handle a smaller team like Empoli, especially after a good performance against Juve. Hope to see the same desire to fight and win as before, independent of who the opponent is, or how big the stage is. Also, hopefully FDB plays Jovetic. Would be nice to watch a game and...
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    Inter - Juventus (18 Sep 16)

    This was actually exciting to watch, especially after the Europa league disaster...
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    Napoli - Inter (8 Mar 15) [2-2]

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Podolski playing, as he's out of EL.
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    Napoli - Inter (8 Mar 15) [2-2]

    Rocchi...:palm: I think there's about a 50% chance he'll send someone off from us, based on his previous matches with Inter. Due to time zones, it lists the different game starting time of Inter Napoli in the corresponding Latin american countries.
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    Walter Mazzarri

    Mazzarri was never sacked before, ever. That surely does feel good, he totally deserved it. We were the only one to actually notice his impotence. So, what do you think now that you know who he's being replaced by? :)
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    Milan - Inter (23 Nov 14) [1-1]

    I would strongly hope that Thohir wouldn't tolerate relegation! But so far we are not playing like a relegation team, but more like a mediocre mid table team. I'd rather wait out Mazzarri staying in mid table than cheering for Inter to get into relegation only to sack Mazzarri.
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    Milan - Inter (23 Nov 14) [1-1]

    People need to stop wishing Inter to lose just to have Mazzarri sacked. We don't have a short tempered Moratti as president anymore who sacked one coach after the other. Of course, it is yet to be seen how ET handles a crisis, but since he's a business man he'll surely dislike the financial...
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    Nemanja Vidic

    New article of Vidic's agent: What was he smoking and where can I get that?
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    Parma - Inter (1 Nov 14) [2-0]

    I guess playing us tonight was easier than a training session of the league's bottom team.
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    Parma - Inter (1 Nov 14) [2-0]

    It's a disgusting situation, as always. I want consistency, also by not sacking coaches one after the other. But on the other hand, the coaches we do get suck so terribly, there seems no other way than to sack them.
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    Inter - Napoli (19 Oct 14) [2-2]

    The problem is that we've been hoping this for the past few years.
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    Inter 2013/2014 Preseason

    This is going to be a rough and long season.. Allthough it was to be expected to encounter a few struggles in the beginning, but for the struggles to be that grave I wouldn't have dared to dream. It pains me to face Juventus when the level of our game is nowhere near promising yet.
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    Palermo - Inter (28 Apr 13)

    As long as I don't see Silvestre in the squad for any game next season, I'm good. Very sorry for Zanetti... As if the absentee list wasn't filled enough. With the captain injured, the absentee list virtually doubled. 15 players injured? How many of them were in the starting eleven of the game...
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    Inter - Atalanta (7 Apr 13)

    what a game. It reminded me that people miss an open goal from 1m. It reminded me that penalties can be awarded for no reason. It showed me that a three man attack can fail due to all of them having injuries. As for the future... I like Jesus. Let's build an Inter around that guy :)