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    Assane Gnoukouri

    He can be forgiven for a lack of pace when he has players like Mario or Brozo around him. As for his positioning and awareness in the past two games, fuck me... terrible. Is it the lack of system? Who knows, but it sucks.
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    Mauro Icardi

    Can't believe this kid is still getting shit from everyone here. Sure, he's not captain material and he may be an immature vaginal slave, but he's actually producing performances worthy of this badge, in a period where we need players to step up, unlike the majority of this squad. Sent from my...
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    Inter - Torino (26 Oct 16) [2-1]

    Honestly, I don't post on here often because 80% of the shit I read is crap like this. Some people are just looking for shit to complain about. Are you not happy we won? Are you not happy Icardi stepped up and delivered with 2 goals and what should have been 2 assists? Fuck off with your bullshit.
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    Inter - Southampton (20 Oct 16) [1-0]

    lol Brozo is so done here. Cya mate.
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    Inter - Southampton (20 Oct 16) [1-0]

    Banega on for Gnoukouri at half time. Needs to be done. This is fucking disgusting. The crowd have every right to walk out if things don't change. Miranda clearly doesn't give a fuck either.
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    Inter Streams

    BT Sport English
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    Inter Streams

    HD EN (Sky) SD EN (BT)
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    Chievo - Inter (20 Sep 15) [0-1] or
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    Inter Preseason 2015/2016

    English stream: Not sure if the stream's accessible outside of Australia though.
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    Lukas Podolski

    Podolski vs Inter Milan?
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    Inter Streams

    sop:// English HD
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    Inter 2013/2014 Preseason

    You guys seriously complaining about that red? lol btw these yankee commentators are fkn horrible. NAGAMOTO AND PALACIOS.
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    Inter 2013/2014 Preseason

    NP mate - hopefully we can find a bloody stream!
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    Inter 2013/2014 Preseason

    11:30pm AEST
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    Inter 2013/2014 Preseason

    Hamburger SV
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    The PES Thread

    We were the largest (and only) online PES tournament in Australia. ( I think a few of their staff were members of the site and word got around to their management. They were organizing an event/tournament at that time to launch PES 2008 - which they wanted us to promote and...
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    The PES Thread

    Hoping PES takes off again. The PES 4 - 6 days were brilliant. I created the largest online league here in Australia with around 800 members, 300-400 of them being active. Got to the point where ATARI contacted us to promote the launch of PES 2008.... and then everything went down hill because...
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    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

    Well at least Schelotto will get more game time at CM. ...
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    Inter - Roma (Coppa Italia) (17 Apr 13)

    Fucking take that equine haired cunt off already. No idea why Ricky moved to left; completely takes away his ability to cut in.
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    Inter - Juventus (30 Mar 13)

    gargano gargano gargano garghaagaihgsajgagaskgnags fucken cock sucker.