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  1. Edlaut

    Pazza Inter - New video by Inter Club Armenia member

    Hi everyone! Sorry to start this thread, as I didn't found a special topic related to Pazza Inter video. One of Inter Club Armenia members (Armen Hayrapetyan) is going to make a new video and remixed version of Pazza Inter soon. He's ready to include your short video messages in a final movie...
  2. Edlaut

    When were you born?

    12 Aug 1975 in Yerevan, Armenia
  3. Edlaut

    Inter Streams

    Any sopcast, please?
  4. Edlaut

    Inter Streams

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  5. Edlaut

    Forza Inter Forums 10th anniversary

    Sorry for belated birthday wishes, guys! but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)
  6. Edlaut

    Design for

    Hi guys, I have recently bought domain and would like to use it to make a modern website. But unfortunately, I am quite far from web-designing. Can someone help me to make and run a website, please?
  7. Edlaut

    Inter Streams

    Yes, it's available
  8. Edlaut

    Inter Streams

    Need sopcast for this?
  9. Edlaut

    Inter Streams

    Any streams for Vaslui match?
  10. Edlaut

    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

    JZ on a cover of For Men magazine
  11. Edlaut

    Inter Jerseys 2012/2013

    What the hell is this red jersey?????????????????????
  12. Edlaut

    Inter Streams

    some links are available here refresh links using this "обновить ссылки" on top-right
  13. Edlaut

    A Gazzetta Page For Every Game ~ Part VI

    Thanks a lot! Grazie mille ))
  14. Edlaut

    Inter Matches - The Pictures

    Here you can find some good HD pics from Coppa Final
  15. Edlaut

    A Gazzetta Page For Every Game ~ Part V

    Frisko, Will you please, add Parma, Lazio and Cesena games?
  16. Edlaut

    Inter Matches - The Pictures

    Besnik, don't you have Lecce pics?
  17. Edlaut

    Brescia - Inter (11 Mar 11)

  18. Edlaut

    Earthquake in Japan

    This is a nightmare...........I am so sorry for them....We had an earthquake in Armenia back in 1988, December 7, 45.000 people died, 3 cities were completely in ruins...God bless Japanese people...
  19. Edlaut

    Pazza Inter

    Karaoke version of Pazza Inter with Javier Zanetti :)
  20. Edlaut

    Torneo di Viareggio

    Dell'Agnello looks like Kaka :)