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    La Curva Nord

    Freaking animals. They even beat up the wrong players, of all the players they whacked JZ...............
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    Villareal - Inter

    I still cant forget Mr Lippi's season with INTER. He royally screwed the team up. Anyone but Marcello Lippi.
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    Villareal - Inter

    theres always next season....................
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    Roma - Inter

    yeah unbelivable vertical leap from a short guy
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    Roma - Inter

    The only think I really cant stand are the racist hecklers who whistle at wome whenever he gets the ball.
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    Inter - Juventus

    WTF Paparesta.............
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    Fiorentina - Inter

    same crap all over again, goals being scored easily by opposition when your main defensive mid is so high up the pitch................
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    Fiorentina - Inter

    will fiorentina purposely lose to us? :)
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    Massimo Moratti

    Moratti reveals Inter regrets Saturday 14 January, 2006 Inter patron Massimo Moratti confesses his regrets about 11 years of leading his beloved club through thick and thin. “Do I regret any of my decisions at Inter? Perhaps the first I ever made – taking charge of the club in the first...
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    Inter - Parma (Coppa Italia)

    Both Pizarro and Solari are doing good so far. The defence has been static and were let off a couple of occasions. Adriano and Cruz both look very rusty.
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    Inter - Parma (Coppa Italia)

    Solari on the right.
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    Italian Serie A [ Scores Inside ]

    yeah but clearly Juve took their chances well. How many shots they have I think less than 5 altogether.
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    Italian Serie A [ Scores Inside ]

    Mutu on fire 2 goals away to Palermo.
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    Cristiano Zanetti

    I hope Inter resigns CZ. Letting him leave and possibly to Juve is extremely stupid. Moreover the Zebras are not in dire need of a Def Mid and he will still rot on the bench.
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    Best Of Inter In 2005!!!

    BEST OF INTER IN 2005 VOTING. -BEST OF FORWARD IN 2005- GOLD- Adriano SILVER- Julio Cruz -BEST OF MIDFILDER IN 2005- GOLD- Esteban Cambiasso SILVER- Juan Sebastian Veron -BEST OF DEFENDER IN 2005- GOLD- Ivan Cordoba SILVER- J.Zanetti -BEST OF FOREIGNER PLAYER IN 2005- GOLD- Esteban...
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    Inter - Empoli

    Nice forum better than the last one. Vbulletin is much better to use. For this game I guess barring any last minute change Mancio will field the same 11 except Cordoba. Burdisso would be a good replacement.
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    Reggina - Inter

    This match feels like a training match for us. No offence to any reggina fans.
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    Forwards Rumours Topic

    Messi will eventually come to Inter that is if Moratti is still the owner of the club. He had his eyes on Pizarro in the world youth champs and Messi is next.
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    Why Liverpool are the Better Football Team Traditionally!!!!

    Liverpool doesnt play football they play hoofball. :ass:
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    Inter - Milan (11 Dec 05)

    Best moment in the game. Bobo getting owned by Adriano :fero: